Blogpost: Punk and Hardcore related podcasts

Posted by T • April 7, 2020

Posted by T • April 7, 2020

Punk and Hardcore related podcasts

Chances are you've got a favourite one. Maybe you are making one. A pod of your own. A medium that has democratized the talk-audio space by offering exposure for niche creators.

Listeners and makers of immersive, intimate and, in some cases, life-changing qualities of audio storytelling are on the increase, thanks in no small part to easy-to-navigate apps and affordable home recording equipment.

With the bigger guns of corporate media having come to the table, the quality and production value of podcasts has gradually increased, yet gems are still to be found amongst the DIY and lo-fi end of the spectrum offering a forum for armchair pundits, bedroom storytellers or first-person narrators.

If I had to simmer down what makes an enjoyable podcast, I’d simmer it down to the following common denominators: Interesting angle or theme, likeable hosts with and a good format.

Someone who got the second criterion nailed by default is someone who most might be familiar with because he fronts the band Fucked Up, i.e. Damian Abraham. Over the years, Damian has incarnated in a range of media and eventually made it to host shows on Vice TV.

His podcast is an audio ode to a lifelong obsession with punk. Each week, he sits down and chats with a person to find out how their life was changed by the discovery of what started as a novelty genre.

The fact that Damian gained exposure outside the confines of underground music certainly helps in getting some of the bigger players in front of the mic and the interesting conversations that result from his genuine passion for the genre provide hours of engaging content that often reveal facts that had not been revealed before and more often than not, culminate in the equivalent to “how was this made” and add a new dimension to classic records and recordings:

Another one I am listening to frequently is Jamey Jasta’ s podcast. Not only known for his musical endeavours but also having honed his presentation skills as the former host of MTV's Headbanger's Ball, Jasta not only entertains by interviewing his peers but also provides insights behind the scenes and the logistics that went and still go into fuelling his career.  The fact that it is peppered with segments and Jasta having evolved since the first episode of the podcast into a considered and well-reflected voice, makes it for an enjoyable listen – especially when he gets together with closer friends and shares his take on day-to-day occurrences as well as how his horizon has broadened over the years.


The Hard Times Podcast is ostensibly about two comically on-point and never not self-deprecating commentators, i.e. Hard Times co-founders Bill Conway and Matt Saincome, who not only indulge in (bad) jokes but also elicit interesting facts from interviews with scenesters, comics and other colourful characters from their universe, which adds depth and dimensions to their personas. The fact that the podcast essentially rests on the foundation that is the satirical outlet Hard Times seems to help with the guests’ willingness to lower their guard a bit and not take themselves too seriously.

T • April 7, 2020

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