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Posted Feb. 28, 2021, 10:09 a.m. by T

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Station Museum of Contemporary Art

Hermann Nitsch and more

I first came across The Station Museum of Contemporary Art due to my interest in Hermann Nitsch as the Texan exhibition forum, which usually has its focus on fine arts that reflect the cultural diversity of Houston’s communities, hosted an extensive exhibition dedicated to the paintings of the controversial, big man – as the first museum in the new world.

In this day and age, Hermann Nitsch’s oeuvre is much more than an attempt at controversy as at its very core, it unveils the on-going war and brutality we are exposed to on a daily basis in a bid to transcend it spiritually and arrive at a deep appreciation for the beauty and preciousness of life.

Being probably the most prominent representative of the Vienna-Actionists with his focus firmly set on body art, blood sacrifice and  religious ritual, it was fantastic to be able to experience the exhibition, Nitsch’s free form Orgies Mysteries Theater, through Station Museum’s excellent accompanying catalogue.

Having experienced quite a few of Nitsch’s actions in the flesh, this is definitely one of the more interesting publications as it astutely depicts and gives an accurate impression of the how Nitsch channels his message with explosive intensity, with a cleansing catharsis being the desired outcome.

Nitsch’s luminous and monochromatic paintings are the epitome of sensual immediacy and erotic spirituality and in the way they were exhibited at Station Museum, a connection could be made from his painting to his theatre.

Upholding the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression being some of the central tenets of Station Museum along with its commitment to being an activist institution supporting civil society issues as well as artists who engage in socially and politically relevant expressions, Station’s collaboration with the Spanish artistic collective DEMOCRACIA should not come as a surprise. It is just one of many examples of Station Museum providing a platform to artists that actively question our society’s morality and ethics. Exclusive merch from the collaboration is still available from Station Museum’s online shop/.

With a deep sense for art being much more than a creative outlet but a resource that broadens every aspect of public awareness, Station Museum has made it to the must-visit places once international travel is possible again.


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