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Tate: Project Print book review

Posted Nov. 27, 2020, 11:04 a.m. by T

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Tate: Project Print: 30 projects to spark your creativity

Ilex Press


Printing in all shapes and forms has been an integral part of DIY culture from the get go and there is a myriad of printing techniques that one can use to solve problems and create visual materials, ranging from fairly basic old ones via ones that are readily available to ones that take things to the next level.

No matter what one’s level of expertise is, it is vital to thoroughly understand the nuances, requirements and outcomes to source the best possible materials and processes for the project.

TATE Museum’s Project Print is comprised of thirty hands-on projects accompanied by diligent explanation of what relief, screen and transfer printing processes involve and what has to be accomplished to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Guided by the practical and engaging advise of Liverpool based artist and educators Colette Whittington, the recipient is taken step-by-step through the processes of basic and more intricate print making, including concise instructions and detailed lists of materials needed.

Photos illustrate the process in a detailed, granular manner to achieve the best result on a wide array of materials, ranging from printed matter via textiles to tiles and other household items one might feel like adorning with a design.

A wonderfully illustrated book for both luminaries and well as the uninitiated who want to try their hand at creating something themselves.

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