Blog Thus Let Us Drink Beer – Camperdown vs. Newtown

Thus Let Us Drink Beer – Camperdown vs. Newtown

Posted March 13, 2021, 12:43 p.m. by T

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Thus Let Us Drink Beer – Camperdown (Wayward RSA HAZY IIPA) versus Newtown (Young Henry’s


“Carry on, my wayward son…”, indeed.

When it comes to quality craft beers, Wayward Brewing is at the forefront of the Australian brewing institutions, not merely with its distinguished and accolade decorated core range but specifically with its limited, special releases.

I have been waiting with bated breath for Wayward to channel its alchemy in a new IIPA incarnation and while it has taken far too long, it has finally hatched – the RSA Double Hazy IPA.

As the name suggests, this baby’s hoppy bitterness is counterbalanced by a triumvirate of Simcoe, Amarilla and Rakau hops – which in another order gave birth to the acronym this juicy beer goes under -  set against a backbone of citrussy nuances and stone fruity highlights.

There are piny, resinous flavours blending in with grapefruity notes, which form a delicious melange of juicy haziness.

I could have done with a tad more astringency, as Wayward’s RSA is almost too smooth for my taste. However, when I teamed it with an Octomore 8.3, it proved to be a heavenly more-ish companion.

Let’s switch from Kansas to the Wu Tang Clan and ….”a dream with plans to make B.R.E.A.M.- Beer Rules Everything Around Me.”

We have covered Young Henry’s before and for good reason as they are not only one of the most support worthy breweries out there with their foci set on both community mindedness and sustainability, but also have refined a kick ass core range of brews.

Their “Brewer B-sides” comprises their limited edition range, which in the past has produced such fantastic emissions as a Pink Floyd themed Dark Blueberry Sour or an ode to Van Halen and Diamond Dave with their collaboration with Sydney’s Brix Distillery, i.e. the rum and raising brown ale known as “Rumming with the Devil”.

The most recent YH’s Brewers B-sides is an a tour de force in terms of hoppiness, i.e. an  East Coast Double IPL and a less subtle homage to the hip hop stalwarts from Staten Island.

I love the melange of orange nuances as it weaves in citrussy highlights, piny accents and hints of chocolatey, sweet maltiness. Despite the relatively high ABV of 7%, it is a dangerously more-ish, perfectly sessionable lager.

One of my favourite Young Henry’s releases is the limited edition dark ale, aptly named “Motorcycle Oil”, which in an ideal world should have become the official Motorhead beer instead of the abominations that flood the market.

Originally incepted as a winter beer – Australian winter that is – this is one of the better porter beers I have had the delight to sample, as its trademark roastiness is backed by a dominant piny American hoppiness and an excellently calibrated bitterness.

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