Blog Thus Let Us Drink Beer - Jetty Road Brewery

Thus Let Us Drink Beer - Jetty Road Brewery

Posted Aug. 9, 2020, 8:32 a.m. by T

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Thus Let Us Drink Beer - Jetty Road Brewery


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, visits to the local watering hole have become few and far between, however, when possible they are occurrences to be savoured. During a recent one, the owner and craft beer enthusiast of my local of choice proffered an emission from Jetty Road, a brewery that so far has gone underneath my radar.

Having done a bit of research, it shows that while the slick and borderline corporate appeal of Jetty Road is based on a carefully planned approach that finds its roots in a sincere dedication and passion for the creation of good draft beer.

Having started by humbly brewing beers at their homes and trial by error, they organically evolved and eventually found an entry into the world of commercial brewing, which proved to find an instant success that spurned them on to expand their portfolio and operations beyond their core range of brews and they began to undertake excursion into more adventurous terrain as far as hoppy, limited and seasonal emissions go.

Needless to say that after sampling one of their Pale Ale, I had to get a hold of their accolade decorated IPA, the can design of which I found not only subtle and aesthetically pleasing but full of character, accentuated by berry and fruity notes that rest on a solid foundation of well-calibrated bitterness, pervaded by caramelly highlights.

Taking things up a notch or two is the Infinite IIPA.

Now we are talking. With an ABV of 8.8.% and comprised of a melange of eight different deliciously resinous hop variations, the Infinite fires on all cylinders in a beautiful clear way and thereby stands out from the sea of IPA epigones. While there are fruity notes materializing on the roof of the mouth, the Infinite is not trying to be overly exotic but pay homage to the more traditional IPAs in terms of bitterness.

Given the exquisite quality of the two IPA variations, one cannot help but look forward to Jetty Road’s future experiments.

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