Blogpost: Water of Life – Martini

Posted by T • April 29, 2021

Posted by T • April 29, 2021

Water of Life

Martini (Applewood Coral Gin and Regal Rogue)

There are a myriad of cocktails but only few reliable ones that I’d confidently order in the more remote corners of this earthround with the probably most famous of the gin cocktails, i.e. the Martini, being one of them. While the constituents are fairly straight forward, i.e. gin, dry vermouth and zest of lemon, the preparation has for ages generated arguments about how to concoct the most accomplished “perfect” version. 

Needless to say that the right choice of a quality gin and vermouth is integral to the creation of what has been stylized as the emblem of sophistication, with twists on the classic serve having always been a hot topic and a subject of fierce debate amongst bon vivants, with the common denominator being that the lesser the amount of vermouth, the drier the Martini is supposed to be. Let’s not even get started at  an Ian Fleming-inspired debate about shaking vs. stirring and the resulting perfect level of temperature, dilution and opaqueness.

Personal taste and specifically the choice of gin and vermouth allows for much variety to create an individual taste even if the ratios are set.

As far as gins are concerned, we have sufficiently covered the surge and mushrooming of quality gin distilleries on terra australis, partly due to its provenance, i.e. its geological and botanical context and resulting unique flora, being one of the main unique selling points.

Adelaide based Applewood Distillery has its focus firmly set on valuing native, local ingredients while understanding the importance of producing in harmony with nature and therefore supporting farmers working in a sustainable manner.

A contender for one of my favourites of the Applewood Distillery portfolio is the idiosyncratic Coral Gin, which not only distinguishes itself in the liquor cabinet through its pink colour, but is a liquid homage to the Great Barrier Reef with its ingredients being made from sea succulents and coastal botanicals Including sweet strawberry gum, spicy riberries and salty karkalla. Sounds exotic? It is in parts, but it would not be Applewood if the flavour profile was not perfectly calibrated: Soft, velvety and delicate in nature, the never overwhelming light fragrance adds a refreshing note  to it, making it the borderline ideal juniper juice for hot summer days.

As far as vermouth is concerned, I have tried many but loved few.

However, given the aforementioned qualities of the Applewood Coral Gin, Regal Rogue’s portfolio of vermouths proves to be a perfect match with them not only valuing organic Australian wine and native Aboriginal herbs and spices but paying utmost attention to their handcrafted vermouths being created in the spirit of Aboriginal philosophy of  having minimum impact on their surroundings.

How could one create a better “Australian” Martini than marrying Applewood’s Coral Gin with the native Australian aromatics that form the unique savoury and salty DNA of the Regal Rogue Daring Dry, with its herbaceous character derived from the melange of an organic Sauvignon Blanc nuanced with native Anise Myrtle, Quandong and Native Thyme and followed by white pepper, gentian, olive leaf and juniper.

Sounds mouth watering? Wait until it hits your palate…


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T • April 29, 2021

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