Blogpost: What’s Sumatra with You? High Voltage Coffee

Posted by T • February 5, 2021

Posted by T • February 5, 2021

What’s Sumatra with you? High Voltage Coffee.


As the Descendents put it ever so eloquently “I don't need no booze or drugs/ I just chug-a-lug-o my coffee mug”. Now, my first visits to the US in the early 90s and when those lyrics were penned, were certainly not graced with fantastic coffee experiences and what was proffered was weak as.

Given the evolution and refinement the coffee landscape has experienced over the last two decades, I wonder what Milo Aukerman’s go-to is in 2021.

“Strong” coffee is a category for itself and can be interpreted in many ways as it can pertain to the roast level (which is actually a misconception as rich, dark roasts are not necessarily stronger than lighter ones) or amount of caffeine, the latter of which is dependent on factors like the species, soil and altitude it grew on. Generally speaking, you get more bang for your buck in the caffeine department if you opt for Robusta beans instead of Arabica.

At the end of the day, a skilled barista has the final word when it comes to strength.

However, there are beans whose caffeine content is much higher than those of others, which results in jolts every time you take a sip.

Enter High Voltage Coffee.

Now, given the skull and crossbones aesthetic I was a tad sceptical as from a distance, I was not sure if the strong effects would go at the expense of nuanced flavours, as it is the case with many of the novelty coffee brands mushrooming worldwide.

However, upon first sip, all concerns were alleviated as what materialized on my palate was an exercise in well-calibrated, full-bodied, bitter free smoothness, which plays in its own distinct league far away from the often overpouring competition. The accompanying aroma turns heads when I prepare a cup and that is something to be said for as I am surrounded by certified coffee snobs.

The fact that High Voltage’s bean selection and roasting process borders on the artisanal paired with the fact that the beans are ethically and sustainably sourced from rainforest alliance farmers, only enhances the experience.

What I like about High Voltage is that the more I learn about it, the more it shows that it is being produced by dedicated connoisseurs and coffee aficionados, who are now channelling their alchemy after having crafted it for more than  twenty years and it definitely shows in the end result – a coffee made by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, which delivers a whopping dose of close to 1200mg caffeine per cup without giving you the jitters.

A definite recommendation for anyone remotely into the appreciation of coffee in search for a bit of an extra kick.


image from company website

T • February 5, 2021

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