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Scene Point Blank: You guys are always improving and diversifying your sound, is it difficult to keep that level of progression up?

Matt Greiner: No, well maybe challenging yeah. We like to challenge ourselves with pushing the envelope as far as the style of music. Metal isn't something we really listen to because it's kind of boring and stale to us and so we like to challenge ourselves with creating new sounds. Hopefully being innovative and writing a record that's heavy and likeable by our audience but definitely something we enjoy listening to as well because we're the ones who have to play 250 shows a year. It's definitely challenging to stay ahead of the game and be innovative but it's kinda why we do it. 


Scene Point Blank: I’ve read you guys want to expand but at the same time don’t want to alienate your old fans, do you see the experimental side of things becoming more prevalent in the future?

Matt Greiner: I think so, I think leveler is a good indicator of that.

Scene Point Blank: Where did that Latin influenced guitar part come from in "Internal Cannon?"

Matt Greiner: Our need to do something different. I think sometimes we feel a little claustrophobic and boxed in by the genre; touring with bands like us and I think what inspired us to do this is to do things different and see how much we can get away with. I mean those parts on the record are the parts I show my friends and family, "Hey check this part out." It's not the breakdowns, or the reciprocated parts; it's the different stuff and when that excites people I think that really gets us to go crazy because we have accomplished something that is sort of out of the ordinary.

Scene Point Blank: Warped tour is a different audience and tour for you guys, is it something you’d like to do more of?

squat.jpgMatt Greiner: I do, I love it. I love the versatility of this tour. I love signing for an hour like we just did and listening to Paramore. 

Scene Point Blank: Do you feel a tour like this brings in a lot of new fans?

Matt Greiner: Totally, we signed yesterday for an hour too and half the kids I'd talked to had never seen us play before so I think this tour definitely has a lot to offer us. I mean there are 15, 000 people here today, there was probably someone walking by our stage and said "Oh cool," turned and checked us out ya know? 

Scene Point Blank: I don’t believe this is your first Warped Tour is it?

Matt Greiner: We did 10 shows in 2008

Scene Point Blank: Was it something you had wanted to do again?

Matt Greiner: Yeah, we've always wanted to do warped. It's a good tour because it's all summer. 

Scene Point Blank: You’ve been with Solid State Records since almost the beginning, have you ever thought about working with someone else?

Matt Greiner: No, we have a contract with them too so we can't breach contract. We have one more record with them, then we'll be done. We'll either come back for one or go with someone else.

Scene Point Blank: You recently finished a tour through Europe, what was your favorite stop?

Matt Greiner: Probably Sweden, I love Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. They're such clean countries but there huge markets for the band.

Scene Point Blank: What was the reaction like out there?

Matt Greiner: Ah incredible, Finland is one our biggest markets in Europe.

Scene Point Blank: Thanks again for speaking with me.


Photography: Ashley Sherwood

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Words by Chad Raynard on Aug. 13, 2011, 2:03 a.m.

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August Burns Red

Posted by Chad Raynard on Aug. 13, 2011, 2:03 a.m.

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