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Scene Point Blank: Since you have so many songs written already, did you think about doing a double album or even a triple like Green Day's doing?

Jade Puget: Nah, we would love to get the third Blaqk Audio record out by--in a year or less than a year from this one, but I've never believed in the double album. It's just not for us.

Davey Havok: We agree, Jade and I.

Jade Puget: We never even talked about it.

Davey Havok: The double album is something that really is kind of foreign to us. [To Jade] I mean, did you ever own a double album? I never did.

Jade Puget: The Beatles' White Album.

Davey Havok: Yeah, and I don't own that.

Scene Point Blank: You don't like The Beatles?

Davey Havok: Nah, I don't like that.

Scene Point Blank: Really?

Davey Havok: Yeah.

Scene Point Blank: [Jade] and I could go on all day.

Jade Puget: Yeah [Laughs].

Davey Havok: You guys both like The Beatles?

Scene Point Blank: Absolutely.

Davey Havok: Wow, that's weird.

Scene Point Blank: It's one of those things where when I was growing up, it was the record my dad gave me. That red collection [directed at Jade].

Jade Puget: Yeah.

Davey Havok: Don't get me wrong: I don't dislike The Beatles. I enjoy The Beatles, but I've never owned a Beatles record. Though, I did watch the cartoons like crazy when I was a kid, and I could probably sing to you many Beatles songs as much as the world could--

Scene Point Blank: I think you should give Revolver another try.

Davey Havok: I didn't even give it a first try, huh? I'm sure I would enjoy it. [Laughs]

Scene Point Blank: [At Jade] What's your favorite Beatles record?

Jade Puget: Probably Rubber Soul.

Scene Point Blank: Yeah? Kind of the same as Revolver.

Jade Puget: Well, no-no. I'll say Revolver. I mean, Revolver and Rubber Soul are so similar, but maybe Revolver. That's kind of like a double album right there.

Scene Point Blank: Yeah.

Jade Puget: They used to put records out like every 6 or 7 months.

Scene Point Blank: Yeah, they'd do a movie, then they'd do a record. Well, since you didn't think about doing a double album--you were going to do individual singles--

Davey Havok: OH YEAH!

Scene Point Blank: What happened, did that just kind of fall through?

Davey Havok: How'd you know that? DId we publicly say that?

Scene Point Blank: You said it I think in some interview you did at Shoreline.

Davey Havok: Oh, ok.

Jade Puget: You know, we had a lot of plans...

Davey Havok: [Laughs] Yeah, we had a lot of ideas.

Jade Puget: [Laughs] I made the mistake of thinking something was gonna happen like, "the record's gonna come out this year or that..." and I realized I shouldn't say that stuff because it never works out the way you think it's gonna work out.


Scene Point Blank: You just get so anxious though. You want it all.

Jade Puget: Oh yeah. I mean, I wanted this record out in 2009.

Davey Havok: Yeah, we really did.

Jade Puget: We almost put it out in 2009, so I've been waiting a long time to put this record out.

Davey Havok: Yeah, exactly.

Scene Point Blank: So maybe the next one?

Jade Puget: If the next record doesn't come out in a goddamn year, I'm gonna be pissed. You can quote me on that.

Davey Havok: Yeah-yeah. We at least are in an infrastructure right now that seemingly wants to put out our music--and it is a lot of music--hopefully that will result in our music coming out in a more frequent fashion. You know, Jade is constantly-constantly writing and has so much great music. We are able to be quite prolific with Blaqk Audio, so on our end we should be able to fulfill a creation.

Scene Point Blank: You've probably already got like, another 4th album--5th album.

Davey Havok: {Laughs] I mean, there are tracks that we already have recorded, that aren't on Bright Black Heaven that I think we both like, and that we would like to have released and there's other stuff. Then I'm positive Jade has other stuff that I haven't even heard.

Scene Point Blank: Jade used to go on turntable[.fm] and share Blaqk Audio stuff.

Jade Puget: I played a couple clips, yeah. I played a couple things that we didn't even put on Bright Black Heaven, so you know, there's tons of stuff. That's not the problem. The problem is us getting it out there.

Scene Point Blank: Alright, we're gonna do some lightning round questions.

Davey Havok: Alright. How're we supposed to do this? Are we supposed to do back and forth? Do we both--

Scene Point Blank: Both of you.

Davey Havok: Alright.

Scene Point Blank: If you were on death row, what would you final meal be?

Davey Havok: Oh wow!

Jade Puget: Probably Chipotle. [Laughs] Black beans and rice and cheese.

Davey Havok: The first thing that springs to mind is the Seitan Piccata from Candle 79, but with quinoa instead of the--nevermind I'm on a diet, that's not it. I'll take it--

Scene Point Blank: Why are you on a diet?

Davey Havok: I'm on death row. You started it.

Jade Puget: Death row's the last time you wanna be on a diet. [Laughs]

Davey Havok: Oh-oh, I thought you said "why're you gonna die" Oh yeah, I don't wanna diet, I would just hate it. I'll have everything straight up. I know what I want for dessert. [Laughs]

Scene Point Blank: Alright, what song is currently stuck in your head?

Jade Puget: Probably the Swedish House Mafia song that they were just playing. Our friends did it playing before us so...

Davey Havok: [Laughs] Yeah. I'm still listening to--I've been back on that Pendulum song, uh...

Jade Puget: "The Island?"

Davey Havok: "The Island." God, what a great fucking track.

Jade Puget: That's a good song.

Davey Havok: What a great track. And I listened to 1 and 2 in a row over and over and over again.

Scene Point Blank: There's one track I heard earlier--it's not in my head now, but it was bugging me all day. Then I heard that other song. I don't know the lyrics [I begin to hum the chorus to Alex Clare's "Too Close," which I didn't know was the name and artist at the time].

Davey Havok: By who?

Scene Point Blank: I don't know who does the song.

Davey Havok: [Repeats my poorly hummed chorus]

Jade Puget: That sounds familiar.

Scene Point Blank: [Singing the lyrics] "...got to be true to myself."

Davey Havok: OH-OH! I know what you're doing. What year is it? That from the 90s?

Scene Point Blank: No, it's a new.

Davey Havok: Oh, now, and it's a dance song? Uh...ah, now that's gonna be bugging me, right there. I don't have it.

Jade Puget: It's just gonna be your version bugging him.[Laughs]

Davey Havok: Yeah, I don't have the other version. [Laughs]

Scene Point Blank: What was your most recent, regrettable purchase?

Davey Havok: Regrettable?

Jade Puget: Recent regrettable purchase. Um, I just picked up some pants the other day, but they're Levi's, and I haven't gotten Levi's in probably like 16 years. I'm like, "I want some Levi's," and I put them on--they were this weird--they just don't fit my body. I don't know what Levi's is doing over there in Levi Headquarters, but they're not making pants for people like me.

Scene Point Blank: You need to write a strongly worded letter: "You need to make pants specifically for me. The Jade style."

Jade Puget: I do! They look like some Abraham Lincoln shit going on. Who looks like Abraham Lincoln?

Scene Point Blank: Apparently Daniel Day Lewis right now.

Davey Havok: Oh man, I had a terrible regrettable purchase that was an art commission gone awry. That was my most regrettable purchase. I thought I was doing it for an outstanding human being, but in fact, I was not. [Laughs] That was my regrettable purchase.

Jade Puget: The painting's right behind you right there. [He points to a painting of The Last Supper behind me.] He just donated it to the club cause he hated it so much.

Davey Havok: [Laughs] Yeah.

Scene Point Blank: Ok, last one. If you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be?

Davey Havok: I always liked pterodactyls.

Scene Point Blank: Because they could fly?

[Davey nods.]

Jade Puget: I always liked triceratops. And there was a hardcore band called Triceratops too.

Davey Havok: Yes, our friend was in it. [Laughs]

Scene Point Blank: Were you guys a fan of Jurassic Park? [If I have an excuse, I will always bring up Jurassic Park]

Davey Havok: The film?

Jade Puget: Everyone was I think, right?

Davey Havok: I saw it. I liked it, yeah.

Jade Puget: If anyone said, "I hate Jurassic Park," that'd be a shitty move.

Scene Point Blank: Apparently, they're working on a fourth one.

Davey Havok: I see Jeff Goldblum all the time.

Scene Point Blank: Do you really?

Davey Havok: Yeah, all the time. We go to the same gym.

Jade Puget: I don't want to see the fourth one, but the first one was killer.

Scene Point Blank: I thought the third one wasn't that bad compared to the second one.

Jade Puget: The second one was with Vince Vaughn right?

Scene Point Blank: Have you read the book?

Davey Havok: Nah.

Jade Puget: No.

Scene Point Blank: The books are good.

Davey Havok: The books are pretty cool?

Scene Point Blank: Yeah, but sometimes they're--like the scene in Jurassic Park when they're stuck in the kitchen with the raptors--I think that's probably one of the most suspenseful scenes I've ever seen--

Davey Havok: In a film?

Scene Point Blank: Yeah, and in the book, it's just not quite as good.

Jade Puget: I read all the other Michael Crichton books, besides those.

Scene Point Blank: Which one's your favorite?

Jade Puget: Probably Sphere.

Scene Point Blank: What's that one about?

Jade Puget: Scientists go down to this sphere--to the bottom of the ocean. 'cause something's happening down there.

Scene Point Blank: Sounds like The Abyss

Davey Havok: Yeah.

Jade Puget: I read it like, 15 years ago, so I don't really remember what happens in it, but then they made a movie out of that one too with Dustin Hoffman.

Scene Point Blank: Alright, well that's it.

Davey Havok: Ok. That was fun!

Jade Puget: Alright.

Scene Point Blank: Yeah, it just kind of ends.



I'd like to thank Ashley for the help setting this up as well as Davey and Jade for their time.

Check our earlier interview with Jade about Blaqk Audio here!

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Words by Aaron on Sept. 19, 2012, 6:56 a.m.

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Blaqk Audio II

Posted by Aaron on Sept. 19, 2012, 6:56 a.m.

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