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Daggermouth are proof positive that hard work pays off. The band self-released an EP, Behold the Might in 2004. Through relentless touring of the Westcoast and promotion on various messageboards, the band released Stallone on Feeding Frenzy Records. Now, the band has recently signed with State of Mind Recordings, underwent lineup changes, and are getting ready to unleash a new beast on the world. Scene Point Blank recently got a chance to hold a completely impromptu interview with Tha' Mouth's guitar player, Kenny Lush.

Scene Point Blank: Ok, Kenny, so I know you, and I know what you do. Some of our readers, however, might not. So enlighten us. Who are you, and what is it that you do?

Kenny Lush: I'm Kenny. I play guitar in the band known as Daggermouth. I also once worked out with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Scene Point Blank: Liar...about the Arnold thing, I mean.

Kenny Lush: No, for real! He was in town filming a movie, I think it was The 6th Day, or whatever, and I was working out at the YMCA and all these people kept going up to the guy beside me and asking him for an autograph. This guy beside him kept saying "Not now, he just wants to work out." So I look over and I'm all "Holy shit...it's Arnold!” So I walk over and go "It's a bummer you beat up Triple H, he's a rad worker." He started laughing and told me that he was good friends with Vince McMahon and stuff. We just shot the shit for about 20 minutes. He was a super nice dude.

Scene Point Blank: Wow, how long ago was this?

Kenny Lush: That was like '99 or 2000, a while ago.

Scene Point Blank: That's insane!

Kenny Lush: Yeah, it was rad.

Scene Point Blank: So, shifting gears from your celebrity workout habits....Feeding Frenzy Records released Stallone last year, and it was received really well, right?

Kenny Lush: I think so. I hope people liked it.

Scene Point Blank: So you followed the release of that up with touring, touring, and more touring. Then you signed with State of Mind Recordings?

Kenny Lush: Yeah, we did a few West Coast tours and then on our February tour, State of Mind wrote us and asked if we wanted to work with them

Scene Point Blank: That's awesome! Those guys seem to really be on top of what's going on in the scene. They've got a good ear for bands, it seems like. They promote super hard, too. How has it been, working with them thus far?

Kenny Lush: It's been awesome. They are really easy to get along with. If you have any questions they answer them, straight up. They talk to me like everyday and let me know what ads they're placing and stuff. It was the best decision for us to go with them. I have no complaints. Dave and James are the shit!

Scene Point Blank: I've heard rumors about your former label, Feeding Frenzy, jerking people around on preorders for the record, and also leading your former labelmates, First to Leave, around a bit. Would you care to address Daggermouth's position in this, and what it was that happened?

Kenny Lush: I think Derrick just got in over his head with the whole label thing. He said he was going to do ads and this and that and in the end he didn't really do anything. It just got kind of frustrating having a pile of people write us saying they never got their preorders and that they tried writing him a bunch and he never responded. The whole thing turned into a nightmare. It's a bummer for him too, cause he had us, he was about to do some stuff with First to Leave, and he also had Count the Hours who are a rad NW band. So with all those good bands he could of had a decent label going on, but he just kind of disappeared. I guess it's for the best.

Scene Point Blank: That's a bummer, but at least things are getting straightened out. So Daggermouth has had a pretty busy year. You put out a record, signed to State of Mind, and you also recently underwent a lineup change? What can you tell us about that?

Kenny Lush: After our last tour we all just kind of decided that it would be best if JJ, our drummer left. Now we have the mighty Dan Don drumming with us.

Scene Point Blank: Was there any "Behind the Music" style business relating to that, or was it totally amicable?

Kenny Lush: Ha-ha...there was a little behind the music. Basically, Stu, Jarod, Nick and I all grew up in the punk scene. Like, we all have been seeing shows since we were kids. Some of us have played in bands since we were kids and whatnot. We realize there's no money in it. We understand that you can't ask for huge guarantees and shit. JJ was kind of a little newer to the whole punk rock/hardcore world. He had a job at home where he made good money and shit, so it worked out for the best.

Scene Point Blank: So it was sort of that he came into it with an unrealistic expectation?

Kenny Lush: Yeah, a little bit I guess. I don't want to shit talk him or anything. He's a great drummer and all, but I just don't think he realized how hard it is to be in a band that tours a lot and stuff. I guess not everyone considers it fun to not shower for 5 days in the summer and to be stuck sleeping in a van for days on end. We love it though.

Scene Point Blank: I see. Hopefully this lineup works really well for you guys. You're doing a Westcoast tour with Dan in the ranks to help teach him the songs and lock in with him?

Kenny Lush: Yeah, first in July we are going to attempt to do a little touring in Canada. We are going to go to Winnipeg and back and then in August, we head down the Westcoast for 12 days or something and go play Sink with Cali.

Scene Point Blank: Awesome. How receptive are crowds on the US Westcoast compared to Canadian crowds?

Kenny Lush: Ha-ha, we haven't really done much in Canada so it'll be hard to say. We get a lot of e-mails from kids in Canada wanting us to play their towns. So hopefully they'll at least show up. The Westcoast is usually really good to us. LA is always fun to play!

Scene Point Blank: What's planned as far as a follow-up to Stallone? Have you guys started writing new stuff yet?

Kenny Lush: Yeah, we have almost the whole new record written. We start recording it September 1st through the 16th, so we're aiming for a January release. Just in time for our tour with Final Fight!

Scene Point Blank: Is State of Mind still planning a re-release of Stallone? I remember hearing they were going to put it out with alternate artwork.

Kenny Lush: The front and back are the same, it'll just have more art on the inside. The preorders for that should start sometime in June. It should be in stores around August or September.

Scene Point Blank: Looking forward to it, man. We've had a good run here Kenny, but it's closing time. Any words you'd like to send out before we end the interview? Bands you want to hype, people you want to thank?

Kenny Lush: Everyone needs to listen to Broadway Calls and Final Fight. Find them on Myspace. Go get the new None More Black record too!

Scene Point Blank: Thanks for taking time out to talk with us Kenny!

Kenny Lush: No, no, thank you.

Interview: Josh

Graphics: Michael

Images courtesy of Daggermouth



Words by Josh F. on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:15 a.m.

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Posted by Josh F. on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:15 a.m.

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