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ScenePointBlank: Would you rather fuck a werewolf or a mummy? And why?

Mike Haley: Is the mummy in cloth?

ScenePointBlank: He's rolled up in gauze, or she, whatever your preference is.

Mike Haley: I guess the werewolf. I don't think the mummy would be into it. Werewolves are fucking frisky.

ScenePointBlank: Any funny stories involving your label?

Mike Haley: I don't know if you can say this involves the label, but it's funny... When I was on tour with Joshua Fit For Battle a few years ago, we were riding in the van and taking pisses in bottles so we wouldn't have to pull over. I had this bottle of apple juice, a bottle of piss, and I told Josh "Dude, just go along". He looked at me all confused but then I said, "Josh, drink this piss," and handed him the apple juice. Everyone turned around. He felt that it was cold and knew what was going on. He went along with it. "I'm not drinking piss" I said, "If you drink it I will," and then he took a sip. Everyone was like, 'What the fuck!' Then I took a sip and made a sick face. Then I switched the bottles and handed Larry piss and told him to take a sip, and he was just about to, but someone pointed out that I switched the bottles. To this day I wonder what it would of been like to watch him drink piss.

ScenePointBlank: Hahahhaa, that would've been awesome. Finally, any last words?

Mike Haley: Thanks so much for the interview! Goodnight.

Why Electric Human Project Matters:

003. Usurp Synapse/Hassan I Sabbah - Split 7" OOP

One of the first Electric Human Project releases, and it's also one of their noisiest. Usurp Synapse play blast beat infested cerebral fuck. There's a reputation that seems to follow US, but I think I missed that. Hassan I Sabbah plays what could best be described as screamo grind. They have the pretty sound, but there's also tons of fast beats and a dirty feel. Good luck finding this.

005. Page Ninety Nine - Document #8 10"

Page Ninety Nine released albums like most bands do, but instead of having different names for each album, they labeled them as documents. Their last real album, Document #8, wasn't their best, but was still great in comparison to everything else in life. It's gritty sounding, but at the same time, they are able to convey a sense of beauty. A classic album that isn't worth letting slip by, just don't let their hype ruin it.

011. Hot Cross/Light The Fuse And Run - Split 7"/CD OOP

Featuring possibly the two best Hot Cross songs recorded, yowza! "In Memory Of Morvern" does appear on Cryonics, but the version on this really packs a punch missing on that album. The Light The Fuse And Run side is good too, providing some melodic hardcore. It'd be nice if both songs were as good as the first, but the second is a kinda out there instrumental that loses steam.

014. Forcefedglass - Discography CD

This discography is packed with tunes, 41 to be precise. Experimental grind with tons of chaos. There's even some live tracks for those that never got a chance to see them, like me. This will get you angry and naked at the same time.

017. The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul - The Ultimate In Authenticity And Musical Usefulness 12"

You know those bands that mix so many sounds together that attempting to put them in a single genre creates a migraine between your legs? The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul slide right into that genre. They're really technical, but not metal sounding. They have keyboard parts that sound like transformers, but they don't have a dancy sound. They have a salsa interlude, but don't sound contrived. TOTAL WTFZ.

018. Daughters - Canada Songs 12"

By now you either hate or love this band. If your opinion lies between those two options you just ruined my opener. Daughters is very fast and emulates the sounds of airplanes taking off of landing pads with explosive results. This is on the second pressing, omgz.

022. Funeral Diner/Welcome The Plague Year - Split 7"

Very possibly the best two screamo bands still in existance on one piece of vinyl. Although they each only contribute one song, each fucking rips through the speakers at full throttle. Both bands are able to be beautiful without cheese, and rock you with dynamics. One of the best splits I've ever heard.

023. Welcome The Plague Year - Welcome The Plague Year 12"

Beautiful music, that has a feeling of heavyness, with a male/female dual vocal attack. They do the build ups, the breakdowns, the twinkly guitar parts, they do it all! They also do it better than 99% of bands that they are comparable to. This and the Shikari/Phoenix Bodies split are the newest releases, fucking go!

Electric Human Project Website

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Words by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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