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ScenePointBlank: Oh yeah, what's your name and what do you play?

Phil: I'm Phil, I kind of play second guitar.

Matt: Yeah, he does play second guitar.

Andrew: But he's a fill in.

*Andrew makes a joke about Phil being a fill in guitarist*

Matt: Phil has been our fill in guitarist for a year, and for some reason he's not in the band but he plays with us every show. It's really weird.

Andrew: My favorite shows were probably Prescott, Arizona and Nick Traina Benefit

Matt: I already mentioned the Nick Traina Benefit, you are out of the band.

ScenePointBlank: Can you still kick people out of the band?

Matt: Yeah.

Phil: Yeah... in fact I quit, I hate you. No show tonight!

ScenePointBlank: Worst show?

Matt: We played the shitty Gazebo in Redlands, California. We just played there, no one cared when we played. We stopped caring half way through, and we were wondering why we were there, and it was the shittiest show ever.

Phil: Yeah, and then Aaron was running low on insulin.

Matt: It was pretty crappy altogether; I think I broke three strings all together.

ScenePointBlank: Have you considered hiring a security team to help you with the groupie problem?

Andrew: Yeah, well we looked into it for a while, but we couldn't find anybody that would properly represent us as a band. We wanted people who were also white power.

Phil: I think the most effect action that we've taken as a band was to keep For The Crown shirts out of Hot Topic. And that sort of maintained the low level, but you can still find them at the mall.

ScenePointBlank: Was this a difficult legal battle?

Andrew: Yeah, we had a lot of copyright problems, people bootlegging our stuff, Duncan... stuff like that.

Donald: We love you Duncan.

ScenePointBlank: Let's say you guys had a crown. Now let's imagine in this situation I could do something for the "For The Crown" crown. Discuss.

Andrew: Can you say that again?

ScenePointBlank: Let's say you guys had a crown. Now let's imagine in this situation I could do something for the "For The Crown" crown. Discuss.

Phil: I think Donald is the only one that finds that to be funny.

Andrew: I'd pet it and make breakfast in bed.

Phil: I'd carry it around with me.

Matt: First I'd roll up in my smooth ride. I'd pick the crown up around seven o' clock. I'd take it to San Francisco. We'd go out for a beautiful dinner. Then we'd ride around on a cable car. Then we'd go back to my room at the Holiday Inn and have a romantic dinner.

ScenePointBlank: That's really romantic.

Matt: I know.

ScenePointBlank: How has The Locust influenced your sound?

Andrew: You have to take into consideration here that the in The Locust runs 31G and they put out an Unbroken 7' so they're amazing. Basically, Unbroken.

ScenePointBlank: Do you have a drink preference before shows?

Matt: Root beer.

Andrew: Fucking 40s man!

Phil: 40s or root beer.

Andrew: I drink lots of water.

Matt: Water with rum.

Donald: I like soy milk.

ScenePointBlank: Do you have a drink preference for after shows?

Donald: Food court.

Phil: That's not a beverage.

Andrew: We go to food court, crispy vegan chicken. We're going to give a shout out to food court.

ScenePointBlank: Do you guys have a favorite type of smelling fart?

Phil: Personally, my farts are my favorite. But you like your own brand.

Andrew: Aaron definitely has the worst.

Matt: We had two band rules. One was no voting. The other was Donald not singing. Donald broke the van rule constantly inside and outside the van.


ScenePointBlank: The Backstreet Boys have the best looking, in FTC, who has the best smelling farts?

Phil: I think they've gotten so many of mine that they're biased.

Matt: Andrew's are my favorite because I've never smelled them because they don't have them.

Andrew: Aaron kills it.

ScenePointBlank: Favorite kind of pornography?

Phil: We really resent that...

Andrew: ...we're Christian.

Matt: We prefer to call them G-Sauce.

ScenePointBlank: If there was one message people could derive from For The Crown, what would you want it to be?

Matt: I didn't write the lyrics, Andrew did, but I'd have to say is that life isn't always easy, you go through a lot of hard times in life. This is also the message for Cross The Line. Life's not always easy, but if you keep your head up, things will get better.

Phil: It's also about eating babies.

Andrew: Most of them are pretty negative, but pretty hopeful. It really drives you to continue on.

Phil: I think they know you're joking, haha. I think Andrew keeps it real in his lyrics. There's a lot of the upset stuff, Andrew gets upset about stuff. But I think he remains hopeful about stuff, I hope that's the part that people get out of it. The anger and not being posi, is just one of many sides of the lyrics. Anybody can get angry out of listening to a Korn song about being raped by your dad.

Matt: We actually had a song about being raped by our dad, but our label made us drop it. A lot of our songs seem to be about tonight, as in we're all going our separate ways and it's really sad. These have been really good times for us. We've had friendships in this band and outside of the band, and we're going to miss that.

ScenePointBlank: What are your thoughts on being featured on the runner in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Phil: He's a good guy, I met that guy. That was awesome, he's a good guy.

ScenePointBlank: Andrew, how was Boston compared to the bay area?

Andrew: It's cold. There's a lot of people, but it's not as tight as the bay area. Everyone in the bay area knows each other... even if they don't like each other, they still respect each other. In Boston everybody hates each other and punches each other in the face.

ScenePointBlank: What bands in the bay area should people be looking out for?

Band: Our Turn, Cross The Line, Lights Out and Allegiance.

ScenePointBlank: Any bands from other areas?

Band: Modern Life Is War.

ScenePointBlank: What will you miss most about For The Crown?

Matt: I'm going to miss Andrew, the other people I won't miss because they're still going to be around.

Phil: I'm going to miss, the hanging out, the touring, playing shows, Murphy and groupies.

ScenePointBlank: What was your favorite memory?

Phil: There's some good memories.

Andrew: Lake gone wild.

Donald: Matt at Imperial Beach.

Matt: Legoland, but they wouldn't let us in.

Phil: The summer camp in Arizona.

ScenePointBlank: What new bands will be created from the breakup?

Phil: Cross The Line. Matt and I were doing it before I was even in For The Crown, so it's not like it's a created after band. Aaron's in Lights Out.

ScenePointBlank: Any last words?

Andrew: Just let me do this.

Phil: Check out the new bands.

Matt: We'd like to thank anybody that's ever supported our band. We want to thank all of our friends, our family. I'd like to thank my mom and brother personally. We'd need to thank Sammy and Naoma because they did tons of stuff for us, and we thank them for the bottom of our hearts.

Phil: Ryan too.

ScenePointBlank: American Steel or Unbroken?

Phil: Just walk away Andrew, you can not answer this question.

Andrew: You fucking dick.

Phil: The answer is too revealing.

Andrew: American Steel. That was really hard for me.

ScenePointBlank: Is that why you have your hand in your pants?

Andrew: Zed, I hate you.

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Interview conducted by Zed in person. Layout by Matt.

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Words by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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