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For the past five years, Go it Alone have steadily made a name for themselves not just in their native Northwest hardcore scene, but also across all of the U.S. and Europe. The band has survived constant lineup changes and a near fatal injury. Nevertheless, Go it Alone has soldiered on and just released their second full-length, Histories. Scene Point Blank chatted with drummer Lucas McFadden about just that and more.

Scene Point Blank: According to your bio, Go it Alone originated when you and Mark decided to form a band due to your love for Battery, among other bands. How would you describe the progression and development of the band from its earliest days to what it is now? Looking back, how do you feel about the band's path?

Lucas: I certainly wish the path was devoid of some of the obstacles which have, unfortunately, become some of it's defining features, but in reality wishing is mildly pointless and I'm largely indifferent as to the course it's taken. It is what it is and we are where we are, in fact, I think we're closer now to our original musical goal than we ever have been.

Scene Point Blank: Go it Alone finished recording a new full-length earlier this year. And to promote it you've released a 7" single. Why did you guys choose to release the 7" when you've got the new LP coming out?

Lucas: The album was rigidly planned and the single b-sides didn't have a place in the final result. That being said, they are still good songs, the classic three song single is very cool, and we wanted people to hear them.

Scene Point Blank: Drummers are always hard to come by, or at least that's how it seems. What inspired you to pick drumming as opposed to guitar, bass, or singing?

Lucas: A lack of drummers. I'd wanted to be in a band since I was 11 and I finally snapped at the age of 14 in December 1995. I was trying out a new drummer for the band I'd been trying to start for years and, like the rest, he was terrible so I kicked him off the kit, sat down and was marginally better than him. Two months later I played my first show.

Scene Point Blank: Go it Alone has been around for few years now and has built up a fanbase as a result of consistently releasing new material and touring to promote it. What are your thoughts on so-called "hype-bands" that never tour and their effect on the hardcore and punk music scene?

Lucas: I don't really have any thoughts regarding that. I like to tour a lot so I don't think I'd want to be part of a project that didn't. Then again, I'm not in a band that doesn't tour so that's not really my problem now is it?

Scene Point Blank: The band has gone through quite a number of lineup changes during its lifetime. Have things been stable lately?

Lucas: We've had the same guitarists for two years, the bass slot is a revolving cast and I imagine it will stay that way until we're done.

Scene Point Blank: The photography and layouts of Go it Alone's releases have always been very atypical of hardcore. Is this something you have set out to do on purpose?

Lucas: They're not that atypical are they? Our layouts are our layouts cause we like them. We certainly didn't come up with them to rattle any cages or step outside any boundaries and I'm pretty sure we haven't.

Scene Point Blank: You released a split 7"/CD with Blue Monday last year. On that release you covered a song from Reserve 34. Why did you choose to record said cover instead of another original?

Lucas: Reserve was a band that was around in Vancouver when everyone had given up on hardcore and it appeared to be all but dead. It meant a lot to the remaining core group of kids who went on to form bands like Blue Monday and GIA. It seemed only fitting to pay tribute on such a Vancouver release.

Scene Point Blank: For the most part Go it Alone has worked with Rivalry Records almost exclusively. What is it about the label that makes you want to work with them time and after time?

Lucas: They are really very good at what they do and Kyle is one of my best friends.

Scene Point Blank: Go it Alone has an upcoming tour with Verse in Europe, but has yet to reveal any US date. Can we expect a list of dates in support of Histories to be announced soon?

Lucas: Yeah we'll be out with Verse, Soul Control and I Rise in August.

Scene Point Blank: The scene in the Northwest took some serious hits with the loses of Champion, Blue Monday, and to an extent Betrayed. Any particular artist on the come up that you'd like to suggest to our readers?

Lucas: In Stride, Get The Most, Circles, Keep It Clear, Weight.

Scene Point Blank: A few of you guys used to be in other bands - Rosary, Shook Ones, etc. ? do you still have any other projects? If so, can you fill us in on those?

Lucas: Keep It Clear, Weight, Get The Most, Crisis of Man etc etc a lot of em.

Scene Point Blank: Based on the two new tracks you've posted online, it seems that Go it Alone's sound has become slightly heavier than your previous output. Is this a good representation of the new album as a whole?

Lucas: Most definitely, we made a conscious decision to drop things down a bit.

Scene Point Blank: You were involved in a serious cliff climbing accident a couple of years back. What kind of effect has this had on your approach to how you write/play music?

Lucas: It hurts to play.

Scene Point Blank: Go it Alone has tackled some fairly taboo topics, the most talked about being homophobia on the song "Ten Percent." Obviously Mark wrote the lyrics for this, but I'm curious as to your thoughts on why the hardcore and punk scenes, communities based around the ideals of forward thinking ideas, are so closed-minded?

Lucas: I don't really think that the communities are legitimately built around forward thinking progressive ideals. It's just loud, bad-ass music that can be a vehicle for whatever viewpoint, or thought, a person may have. Anyone can come in and a staggering number of completely empty lifeless losers do, it's up to you who you choose to tolerate, talk to and support.

Scene Point Blank: That about wraps things up. Thanks for answering our questions. Is there anything you'd like to share?

Lucas: Nope. Thank you for the interview.

Interview by Michael | Graphics by Matt

Go It Alone: Official Site | Myspace


Words by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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