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Life Long Tragedy

Words: Zed • October 16, 2010

ScenePointBlank: Any funny touring stories?

RJ: Where do I start? Last summer we robbed Ben Franklin's grave in Philly, Scott shit in an ice chest as we drove through Nevada, then threw it out the window where it exploded all over the freeway. We threw a gallon bottle full of piss that we saved for two days onto the streets of Miami. We encountered "The Wolver" at a rest stop in NY...we convinced some girl in CT that we were friends with Finger 11 and followed their tour bus around in our van. Also in CT vegan crusader Jery ran into traffic to save a pigeon with a hurt wing...classic shit. Shooting bottle rockets at Beneath the Ashes in Vegas...I could go on. We have so many inside jokes it's ridiculous.

Scott: Tour was the best month of my life. We definitely came back with a huge amount of wild stories. Getting caught shoplifting in CT was fucking awesome. Who would want to break a 20 dollar bill on peanut butter crackers? NOT ME. RJ got his lips sun burnt in the south and they turned black. The band almost broke up in Texas over a moon pie. Spending insane amounts of money on fireworks. Pissing all over each other's pillows. Taking a shit in an ice chest. Watching Bull Durham about 30 times. Jery's metal birthday. Playing some awful shows. Best shit ever.

ScenePointBlank: Any particular reason why you all have mohawks?

Scott: The hawk party in Ross' backyard before Duckhunt and Hammertime's last show was legendary. It was a special day and we wanted to look especially stupid.

RJ: We're idiots.

ScenePointBlank: How did Jason (the drummer) break his foot?

Scott: Phoenix Theatre lobby madness. Everyone gets hurt during those sets. There is nothing better than couch dives.

ScenePointBlank: What is Murda Park, and how does one get there?

Scott: "MurdaPark" is Rohnert Park, a small, suburban, ass of a town about an hour north of SF. We all grew up here and as a joke call it "the murda". There is an extremely tight knit group of kids in this town that have been friends for years, before we even knew about hardcore. It's like a family. At any given bay area hardcore show, you can usually spot 10+ kids from our town. I like to think that this band had something to do with that. When we started a couple of years ago, hardcore in the North Bay was dead. Today, there is no place I'd rather play a show. Some of the friends I have made in this town will be my friends for the rest of my life. And to answer the other part of the question, you don't get to the Murda. You either grew up here or you didn't. We accept no substitutes, and trust me, you don't want to be from this town. FUCK YOU SNAKE WOODS!

ScenePointBlank: Story behind limited Brad cover CD?

RJ: Brad is so fucking cool. We love him. He deserved to be on a CD cover.

ScenePointBlank: What is up with Tankcrusher?

Scott: With the death of Duckhunt and Hammertime, there is a huge void that needs to be filled. Ross and I always used to talk about how awesome it would be to call a band "TANKCRUSHER". Right now everything is still in the talking stages, but this is definitely going to be some next level shit. If you liked DH or HT, you'll love this band. But since we have other REAL priorities at the moment, Tankcrusher probably won't get started for a few more months. Be patient...

RJ: This band is seriously going to be the most intense shit you have ever heard. Drive a tank over Jesus.

ScenePointBlank: Funniest thing that's happened at a show?

RJ: The first thing that comes to mind for me is at a show in West Virginia we saw last summer. There was this dude in a gold plated tiger shirt bro moshing hella hard. You had to have seen it, insane. WV is a weird place. Some dude there called Scott an "asswipe" and he was dead fucking serious.


ScenePointBlank: Most out of control moment at a show?

RJ: Bad Luck 13 was like a fight for four songs before the show got shut down. It was intense. Also the riot at the Splitfire in Vacaville back in December 2001. Pepper spray, our bass player Cody and his girlfriend getting put in the back of a cop car, the bouncer getting his head split open when someone threw a pool ball at him, Ross was stomping a mailbox...it was so cool. Also when Charles Edge grabbed the mic during the FTC sike out reunion at the last Duckhunt/Hammertime show and started screaming, most intense out of control shit I have ever seen.


ScenePointBlank: If one could, what man would change your sexual orientation?

RJ: Davey Havok

Scott: Danny Glover

ScenePointBlank: A pack of wolves versus a refrigerator? (the refrigerator is plugged in and filled with jello)

Scott: Zed, I will not answer this. Sorry.

RJ: The wolver.

ScenePointBlank: Favorite 90s hardcore album?

RJ: The Path Of Resistance - Who Dares Wins, Unbroken - Life.Love.Regret.

Scott: Add Hatebreed - "Satisfaction..." to the 2 RJ listed and it's right.

ScenePointBlank: Ideal burrito?

RJ: Beans, rice, and salsa. I keep my yotes simple

Scott: It definitely isn't from Hi-Tech Burrito, or wherever the fuck you work, Zed. Oakland taco trucks always deliver the goods.

ScenePointBlank: What's it like being in a band with a sibling?

RJ: It can be hard at times but for the most part we get along. We argue a lot but that goes without saying, we are brothers. I have a lot of respect for Scott. I think he writes great lyrics (especially considering he just turned 17) and he is an awesome singer. The thing that pisses me off about him the most is he just got handed the pack. That fucking sucks. Fuck you dude.

Scott: We get along for the most part so it's no big deal. The real question should be "What's it like being in a band with Jery?" Let me tell you, that shit sucks.

RJ: Word.

ScenePointBlank: Most bands aren't able to stay together for a year, let alone 2.5 years, how do you do it?

RJ: We are all best friends. I don't know what I would do without this band and the other guys in this band and I think that feeling is mutual. I really need this.

Scott: RJ said it better than I could have.

ScenePointBlank: Any local bands worth checking out?

RJ: For sure! Time for Living, Allegiance, Days To Streaks, Set Your Goals, Cross The Line, xChanging Facex, At Risk, Lights Out, Killing The Dream, the fucking Sacto Hoods.

Scott: ALL BETS OFF. SET IT STRAIGHT. THESE DAYS. So many awesome bands in this area right now. Also check out Final Fight and Make Move from LA. Rad bands and dudes.

ScenePointBlank: What have you been listening to lately?

RJ: Lots of Bjork, Rocky Votolato, the new Moz record, Lifetime.

Scott: These Days - Death Sentence, Lights Out - Get Out.

ScenePointBlank: Finally, any last words?

RJ: Thank you sincerely to anyone who has supported us over the past two and a half years. Thank you to all the kids that come to local shows, who mosh and sing along and dive, all the kids that care about what we are doing. That truly means everything to me. Thank you so much for the interview.

Scott: Thank you Zed for interviewing us. You rule. Thanks to all our friends and anyone that cares. New record "Destined for Anything" out ASAP. If you haven't heard the new mp3, go to www.lifelongtragedy.com and let us know what you think. THANKS.

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Interview conducted by Zed over E-mail.

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Zed • October 16, 2010

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