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Do you remember that time you first fell in love? When the moonlight was a sonnet better left unspoken? Now here's the real doozy. What if I was to remind you of that time you fell in love with a band via live performance. You'd probably try to hold back a finger in your butt. But right here, right now, that is impossible. Look Back And Laugh is the band that even the most devout asexual will instantly fall for. Look Back And Laugh is the band that hardcore naysayers will see and find streams of shit pouring down their thighs. Look Back And Laugh, with their explosive live energy and straight forward punk/hardcore sound, will tie the noose so tight that you either will choose orgasm or death.

ScenePointBlank: What is your name and what do you do in Look Back And Laugh?

Casey: Casey. Guitar.

ScenePointBlank: What does the name Look Back And Laugh mean?

Casey: Well it was obviously taken from the Minor Threat song, which is about growing old in the scene and watching friends grow out of what we do. We are all pretty old in punk standards, and have seen lots of friends come and go. Move on or whatever.

ScenePointBlank: Who and what is the significance of the guy on the cover of the record release "By The Cover"? For the regular cover, what's the meaning behind the skeleton looking character shaving and his blood making the US flag?

Casey: The guy on the record release cover is just some prisoner from San Quentin in the 1970's. No real signifigance except for he looks cool as Hell. On the real cover the US flag is actually his hand towel hanging on the wall. Make your own meaning.

ScenePointBlank: Favorite Ian MacKaye project?

Casey: Teenidolsminorthreatembraceskewbaldegghuntfugazi.

ScenePointBlank: What's the story behind having your record release be allowed only in the premises of the bay area?

Casey: We wanted to do something special for all our friends and fans in bay area who have supported us.

ScenePointBlank: How did your split 7" with Drop Dead come about?

Casey: We've been friends with those guys for a long time. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

ScenePointBlank: If you could do another split with any band together, who would you want to do it with?

Casey: I think we are doing a split 7" with Lights Out.

ScenePointBlank: How did you get hooked up with Lengua Armada for "By The Pound"?

Casey: He put out the first LP and he is a good friend and we wanted to do another record with Martin.

ScenePointBlank: After self releasing your first full length and having the second full length released by a label, what are the pros and cons of self releasing and label released?

Casey: Well Lengua Armada released the first LP too. The pros and cons are different with each experience. Martin has been amazing. He is part of the scene. Supports and contributes to the scene. He has even been spotted stage diving at our shows. That's pretty rad.

ScenePointBlank: The new album is called "By the Pound" and there is a song called "By The Pound." From the lyrics and song title, I feel like the song is about the meat industry. What's the significance of the album title being "By the Pound," and what are your views on veganism/vegetarianism?

Casey: I always encourage people to interperate the lyrics into their own meanings. I think that song can be about a number of things. All of us are either vegan or vegetarian. The album is actually self titled. People have just been calling it "By the Pound" because that is the first song.

ScenePointBlank: How did the Pointless Fest go for you guys and just overall?

Casey: The fest was amazing. We were shown a lot of love. Lots of friends and new friends were made. It was the biggest show we've played for sure. Constant stage diving and sing alongs.

ScenePointBlank: What have you been listening to lately?

Casey: Gehenna. Of The Wand And The Moon. Reason To Believe. Amenity. Gehenna. Gehenna.

ScenePointBlank: How did Nick become designated under the position of roadie?

Casey: Nic is pretty much my little brother. I've known him since he was like 12 or something. We've been through thick and thin and he will always ALWAYS be my brother. Forever. He just always rode with us to the shows and helped with merch so he got dubbed with the dubious roadie title. I thought it would be rad to have his name with ours on the record. He is the homie for life.

ScenePointBlank: Top five favorite hardcore 90s bands?

Casey: Off the top of my head, the first bands that come to mind: Born Against. His Hero Is Gone. Copout. Crossed Out. Systral.

ScenePointBlank: Do you feel LBAL is more of a punk or hardcore band? What differentiates the two terms?

Casey: I don't really think it matters that much. I do consider us a hardcore band.

ScenePointBlank: Now that you're done with the new LP, what upcoming projects do you have?

Casey: 'Street Terrorism' 7" on DERANGED. Possible split 7" w/Lights Out. 7" repress of the first LP. CD release of new LP.

ScenePointBlank: Some of your previous bands were progressive....but Look Back And Laugh is more straight forward. Why this change? Can we expect future LBAL to be a little more...weird?

Casey: I wanted to do a hardcore band. And, YES, you can expect some weird stuff.

ScenePointBlank: Sometimes I hear people say that "girls can't rock," and stuff like that. Having a girl in the band have you encountered any sexist remarks or attitudes first hand?

Casey: I haven't at all. It's been a great response. If anyone wants to say anything they can come see me.

ScenePointBlank: Any last words?

Casey: Hold fast.

Interview and Photos by Zed, Graphological Tweaking by Matt.


Words by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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