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ScenePointBlank: Any labels other than yours to check out?

Kevin Lovelost: Oh yeah, tons'Goodfellow Records, home to Bloodjinn, POW, Quell, and so much more good stuff. Purity Records, one of the kids who owns it, Jesse, has so much heart, rad dude. There's a new up and coming label called Faint Productions who are putting out this album by a band called Harlots, who rock. Life Sentence Records who just released the new Grimlock and has released stuff from bands like It Dies Today, in fact they just went exclusive with Revelation so expect to see LSR releases all over the place. Imagine It Record are good dudes too. Translation Loss, new label out of Philly that's already making noise with releases by Mykado and the Slacks. And of course'Willowtip Records, this label is head of the pack as far as I'm concerned... they run a good distro too. I probably forgot some good people but I have a brain tumor.

ScenePointBlank: Is "too much metal" possible?

Kevin Lovelost: Never ever ever. Push those boundaries.

ScenePointBlank: When is Lovelost going to put out a screamo record?

Kevin Lovelost: When screamo stops sucking, hahaha.

ScenePointBlank: FINALLY, any last words/stories/letters?

Kevin Lovelost: Umm, I've had some really great people who have been supportive through all of Lovelosts' ordeals. Marina , Drew Juergens, my girlfriend Aimee, my parents for letting me live in the basement, all of the Oddshaped kids, and most importantly everyone that's ever bought a Lovelost Release. You all keep me going and I owe you so much.

ScenePointBlank: Can I get Aimee's number?

Kevin Lovelost: One milllllllion dollars.

ScenePointBlank: Thank you!

Kevin Lovelost: \m/

Lovelost Records - Discography

01. The Black Dahlia Murder - A Cold-Blooded Epitaph (Out Of Print) At The Gates influenced melodic death metal. This EP features two songs from the full length, Unhallowed, with a better sounding recording. There is an additional unreleased song and an amazing cover of "Paint It Black" originally by The Rolling Stones. (Yes, that other metal band The Agony Scene did the same cover but they suck.) The Black Dahlia Murder is now signed to Metalblade, and A Cold-Blooded Epitaph is supposed to be re-released on Black Market Activities. 4.5/5

02. Set Ablaze - The Other Side Of Serenity Lovers and novices of metal, inside the grooves of The Other Side Of Serenity is an album that both sides of the spectrum can enjoy. Melodic sprinting riffs to brutal chugging breakdowns are contained within. The addition of a talented bass played that can really turn out some awesome bass lines really helps meld the sound. 4/5

03. The Ambition - Heavy Are The Lungs While most people deny it, during the inception of Poison The Well's Opposite Day Of December everybody was all over those nuts. The Ambition creates a newer version of that sound that isn't plagued by the terribleness of what Poison The Well did with it, with additional blast beats and more metal. 3.5/5

04. Into The Moat - Means By Which The End Is Justified If you've ever wondered what your math teacher with the mullet and hidden Slayer tattoo listens to these days, look no further than Into The Moat's Means By Which The End Is Justified. Think of a less boring The Dillinger Escape Plan combined with the brutality of The Middle Ages (the time period, not some band). (full review) 4.5/5

05. Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Scars Of Ages Who doesn't like melodic death metal mixed with demonic movie samples and breakdowns so heavy they'll even make the Hulk struggle in lifting their masses? The father of Jesus H. Christ, God. If you aren't God, you'll like this. (full review) 4/5

06. 'One Dead Three Wounded - Paint The Town Going drinking and driving is a scary situation that I'd suggest nobody ever attempt. But if you were to do so with some crucial buddies, a good album to listen to during the experience is Paint The Town by the One Dead Three Wounded. It's a metallic sound with hardcore energy and Southern rock influences. (full review) 4/5

Lovelost Records: http://www.lovelostrecords.com

Introduction, interview and reviews written by Zed and edited by Jon P.

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Words by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:34 a.m.

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Posted by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:34 a.m.

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