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Words: Michael • October 16, 2010

Scene Point Blank: Pride Kills has gone through some slight lineup changes since the recording of the Life of Hate EP. Jason left the band only the rejoin. How did this affect the band's demeanor in writing music and motivation as a band?

Chris: Well Jason left the band after "Life of Hate" was released. I joined the band in his place and began writing for the new Thorp album "Deep in the Heart." Jason returned in time to get in on the new album and I think it added a lot of fullness. As far as demeanor I pretty much just picked up writing duties for a while.

Scene Point Blank: You recently finished recording your debut for Thorp Records, what can we expect as compared to the EP?

Chris: Well this album is more intense; it's a combination of everything we all grew up listening to. It's not a straight "tough guy" album as it has roots of punk, thrash, metal, and our own style of hardcore.

Scene Point Blank: Thorp has a pretty impressive back catalog of hardcore bands, did this play into your decision to work with them?

Chris: Honestly Thorp asked us if we were interested and of course we said yes! Look at the bands they have. It would be stupid for any band to turn that kind of opportunity down.

Scene Point Blank: Is there a particular band or album that got you into hardcore?

Chris: I can't speak for everyone in the band but I started out by hearing Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Biohazard. I was mostly a metal head the majority of my life.

Scene Point Blank: Texas has a rather impressive showing going on in hardcore right now, but one thing that separates its from others is the unity, in particular those of the G.A.M.C. Explain what this is and why do you think this is the case?

Chris: Man GAMC is the Grown Ass Man Crew. It's my family, my life. We are a gathering of friends that have been here for a long time, have given everything we have for the scene and to promote TXHC. Our loyalty is endless. We have hangouts where we all go eat and just chill, we have cookouts, and basically just treat this more than just an underground music scene, we are a family!

Scene Point Blank: Hardcore has been infiltrated by hooligans that are more concerned with matching their outfit and fixing their hair rather than supporting the bands of the scene, do you feel there has been a subculture created within hardcore of those truly there for the right reason?

Chris: I don't know man, that's a grey area because yes a lot of these kids coming out saw some fag wearing tight jeans and eyeliner and thought that was hardcore. But then you have those that have been here forever and love REAL hardcore but choose to wear tight jeans and make up. I think it really just depends on the person's integrity. I could care less if you want to wear make up and look like a fruit. If your heart is there for hardcore and you support the shit then do what you want. It's all about being yourself and having your own believes. Don't do it because Hot Topic said you'll get laid.

Scene Point Blank: If you had to choose between eating Texas BBQ or Tex-Mex cuisine for the rest of your life, which one would you chose?

Chris: Well considering I'm a vegetarian I would have to say if it was between those two only Tex-Mex as long as it had no meat. So chips and salsa for life!

Scene Point Blank: If you weren't writing and playing in a hardcore band, what genre of music would you like to be a part of? Any particular musicians of that you would love to collaborate with?

Chris: If I wasn't in hardcore man, I'd go back to a metal band or do some good country like Johnny Cash or David Allen Cole. I would have loved to work, shit even met, Dimebag Darrell. He was a great inspiration for me to even start playing guitar.

Scene Point Blank: Pride Kills has only done limited touring in support of the EP, with the release of the full-length can we expect something a bit more substantial?

Chris: Man that's the tough question. Our singer has just been blessed with a baby girl, and since January has been working offshore in Australia. So we never know what's going on. We are all determined to tour as much as we can and are ready to leave our jobs for it. We just don't want to lose our relationships with our wives and girlfriends Hahaha. But yea, 2000 nickel ain't got shit on us, we're taking over!

Scene Point Blank: Dance Parts vs. Sing-Alongs. Which is better?

Chris: BOTH! Fuck dude I can't choose just one. It depends on the band. Some bands are just made for sing alongs, where as most bands I have the urge to knock teeth out.

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