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ScenePointBlank: Any upcoming bands that you are not releasing that are worth checking out?

Kyle Whitlow: There are tons. Check out Cross The Line, Blue Monday, Think I Care, Lights Out, Our Turn, Hammertime, Right On, Blacklisted, Iron Boots, and tons more i'm forgetting.

ScenePointBlank: Any funny stories involving your label?

Kyle Whitlow: Honestly, I can't think of shit right now, I'm brain dead.

ScenePointBlank: Any last words?

Kyle Whitlow: Support your local hardcore scene. If you don't like how it's run, FIX IT.

01. Physical Challenge - Some Still Care

What started as a joke (Marc Summers And The Physical Challenge) eventually evolved into the now real band Physical Challenge. Not only are they angry but they're also from Oregon which isn't the most well known place for music. This is the first Rival release, an EP that doesn't have the longest playing time, but is a good display of a newer hardcore band doing the punk hardcore sound very solidly.

02. Time For Living - The Cheat Is Not Dead

While most tougher hardcore bands are all about the metal, this goes more into the NYHC roots of that sound. While it's pretty angry and there's lots of mosh parts, there is a positive message thrown in for good measure. There are tons of Strongbad references thrown in for good measure. (full review)

03. The Damage Done - City Of Hope

The Damage Done might have broken up, but before doing so, they recorded one last EP for those curious what their sound might have been like if they continued. That sound is similar to their previous Never Wash Away, but a bit more heavy. The five songs are about hope, anger, love, life, and laughter, subjects that have all been covered before but can never be covered enough. Think youth crew that's not afraid to be fast and get heavy.

04. Killing The Dream - Killing The Dream

Out of all the bands on Rival Records, this one is most likely to blow up with a Comeback Kid sound. Double bass kicked hardcore with intense vocals, metal influences and the occasional breakdown. The lyrical content isn't the most positive; it's comparable to stuff like American Nightmare. Be on the lookout for this band, because they're going to explode. (full review)

05. In Control - In Control

Similar to The Damage Done, In Control recently broke up leaving us with this EP. Scratchy vocals with hardcore punk, it'll make you want to grow out a Mohawk.(full review)

06. Allegiance/Internal Affairs Split

This is not out yet, but from the stuff I've heard prior by these bands, expect punky/youth crew hardcore by Allegiance and fast/hard/short/angry stuff from Internal Affairs. One Northern California and one Southern California hardcore band make good split.

07. Another Breath - Not Now, Not Ever

Yes, most hardcore bands definitely have a punk foundation, but many look past the rock sound that definitely influenced punk. Well, Another Breath doesn't forget this with a Suicide File sound mixed with the straight forward aggression of American Nightmare. Very melodic guitar harmonies are thrown in to break up the aggression for some more nice sounding music.

Rival Records - http://www.rivalrecords.com

Interview, introduction and reviews by Zed

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Words by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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