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The Carrier has quickly gained a following in the hardcore community thanks to their impassioned lyrics, powerful music, and energetic live shows. Scene Point Blank spoke with The Carrier's vocalist Anthony Traniello about the band's choice of label, their upcoming 7" release, and first U.S. tour.

Scene Point Blank: First off, tell us your name and your role in The Carrier?

Anthony Traniello: What's good? My name is Anthony and I do vocals in the band.

Scene Point Blank: The Carrier was just signed to Deathwish Inc. Can you tell us how you guys ended up hooking up with them?

Anthony Traniello: Well, since we've been into music, we've loved everything about Deathwish? their bands, their attitude, and what they're all about. They got in touch wish us and wanted to work with us for our future releases. Needless to say we were very excited. Their going to be putting out our new 7" called No Love Can Save Me. Pumped?

Scene Point Blank: Deathwish is one of the most respected labels in hardcore. Why choose them over staying at Rock Vegas or joining up with another label, say Bridge Nine, Rivalry, or Trustkill?

Anthony Traniello: We decided to go with Deathwish because it was the label we had dreamed about being on since we started out as a band. Much love to the Rock Vegas family though. We wanted to go with a label that we felt would care about us as a band, and not just our releases. It's almost as if it's a family relationship between DWI and their bands.

Scene Point Blank: You've already got a new release on tap; how many songs will be on the 7" release? Are they all new songs?

Anthony Traniello: The new 7" has three new songs on it. I'm really proud of the way the release has been coming out. It has a little different vibe than One Year Later. One Year Later was lyrically more about things that I've gone through and my struggle with my own mind. With No Love Can Save Me, I try to get away from talking emotions, and focus on one central theme.

Scene Point Blank: One Year Later was recorded by Jay Maas and you recorded your new 7" with him as well? Why did you choose to work with him with so many choices available?

Anthony Traniello: Jay Maas has been recording our affiliated bands and us for a long time now. He recorded some of the member's very first bands. Dickie (guitar), Mike (drums), and I have been in bands together since the early days in high school. Maas knows our style and how we work. It just fits well.

Scene Point Blank: The Carrier has used the same artist for your debut 7" and the full-length - Ken Stewart. How did you guys discover him? What was it about his style that made you decide to have him do the cover-art?

Anthony Traniello: Our first band used to play with his old band all the time, McClane. We had just known him from playing shows with McClane. He had done a bunch of art for other bands, and we were digging his style. We contacted him about doing our demo cover, really liked the way that came out and wanted him to do the self-titled 7". We really like his style, and think he does a good job with his art. I think his style fits our sound.

Scene Point Blank: Will Stewart be handling the artwork of your new 7" or will you opt to use Jacob Bannon, as is the case with most Deathwish artists?

Anthony Traniello: He will be doing the cover art for No Love Can Save Me. I dig Jake's art, but I think since we've been using Ken's stuff for our releases, it would just make sense to go with him again.

Scene Point Blank: The lyrics to your songs are extremely personal. In particular, the lyrics of "Panicstricken" stick out to me. Do you ever second-guess sharing experiences such as this? Why do you choose to disclose them for any and every one to read?

Anthony Traniello: It is a little weird having anyone who reads my lyrics know something so personal to me. Most of the lyrics for the self-titled 7" were written when I was going through probably the most fucked up experience of my life. At times, I do second-guess letting people know everything about me, but when I hear that some people are reading my lyrics and they're getting something out of it, it makes it worth it.

Scene Point Blank: How important is having lyrics that every human can relate to on personal level, rather than subjecting them to say, intra-scene issues or politics?

Anthony Traniello: Lyrics are a weird thing. Some bands can talk about the scene and have that be there thing. In my opinion, whether someone is talking about the scene, politics, or personal experiences it has to have meaning behind it. Passion is important in lyrics. I need to feel that when a person is either singing or screaming their words?you need to not only hear them, but also feel the words.

Scene Point Blank: Will the new songs continue down the same lyrical avenues? I only ask because there seems to be a great connection between your revealing and passionate writings and the musical side of The Carrier.

Anthony Traniello: The songs for No Love Can Save Me went in a different direction than before. When I first heard the music to the songs, I knew that personal lyrics just wouldn't fit the feel of the songs. No Love Can Save Me is largely about a scene during the end of the world, and different peoples experiences during this environment. I wanted to experiment with my writing style with No Love Can Save Me. I'm not sure where my writing style is going for the next full-length. Lately, I have been writing more personal lyrics.

Scene Point Blank: Prior to your signing to Deathwish, the band had rarely made its way out of the Northeast. Looking at your upcoming itinerary, you've got another Northeast tour scheduled for the Spring but then your first major U.S. tour this Summer. What kind of expectations do you have for this tour? Do you have any concerns about it? What area are you most looking forward to playing?

Anthony Traniello: It had been hard for us to tour until lately. When we went on our first east coast tour with The Bonus Army, we had only been a band for a short time and most of the dudes in the band had just graduated from high school. We did another east coast tour last winter, and intended on doing a full US before we even thought about label stuff. I really don't have any expectations for tour. Touring is something we do because we love it. It doesn't matter whether there are one or a hundred people in the room. We're going to play just as hard. I'm excited to play the west coast and Canada. It'll be the first time most of us have been to the places were playing.

Scene Point Blank: Boston has been a major force in hardcore for quite some time now, but it is especially evident today. What bands from your area that we haven't heard much from yet would you recommend to our readers?

Anthony Traniello: Peep The Bonus Army, Unrequited, Hammer Bros, Energy, New Lows, and Maintain. If you're looking for some new bands from the area check out the shows at Welfare Records, Cambridge Elks, and The Midway Café. BHC is in full effect. Boston is the best place to be from today.

Words: Michael | Graphics: Matt


Words by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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