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As a means of introduction, The Faint, as a collective, are a band whose tongues have been firmly planted in their cheeks for years. Dealing with an array of what could be innuendo - or perhaps is just straight up dirty talk - to a blend of synth orientated, danceable, indie with a rock sensibility, the boys seem inclined, and capable, of stimulating their listeners in every sense of the word. Currently in the studio, The Faint ventured out on a short stint of one-off shows over the beginning of the summer. SPB was lucky enough to witness the experience and epidemic that is the band's live act, and days later, in recovery, found ourselves set up on the telephone with Jacob who plays keys. Here is what unfolded.

Scene Point Blank: It's been quite some time since The Faint as a collective have released any material, is there a tentative release time for the new album?

Jacob: Not exactly, we're not even sure who's putting it out or anything...

Scene Point Blank: It won't be on Saddle Creek, then?

Jacob: We haven't really decide what we're going to do.

Scene Point Blank: A lot of people have been quick to label you as the front runners for the new wave revival scene. It's undeniable that both in the indie, as well as in pop music, many bands have been leaning towards the type of style you play. What's your reaction to this trend?

Jacob: I don't even know. We get this question a lot, but I don't see this type of trend emerging. My answer is that I don't even think there is one. I mean there is the new rave that is "suppose" to be happening, but I don't see that either. I think that's just sort of fabricated by NME and then attached to the Klaxons, who are really just a good pop group, you know?

Scene Point Blank: Specifically a friend pointed out the similarities between your early work and the new Bloc Party album, in addition to the new LCD Soundsystem album...

Jacob: As far as LCD, the influences of that record span decade; more so then new wave, I think. There are obvious new wave influences there but the throwbacks go through the list like Kraftwerk, or Bowie, stuff that doesn't fit into that category. As far as Bloc Party, I hear as much influence from the Pixies in what they're doing as anything current. I know that Kele from Bloc Party is a fan of The Faint, because I talked to him about it, but James Murphy doesn't particularly like our band so... I don't think we really have much to do with it. A lot of people like to say we prepared people for this type of thing, or opened people's ears up, but at this point just as many people think we're ripping The Killers off, so I don't know.

Scene Point Blank: Many people, myself included, feel that the new album has the potential to achieve success on a mainstream level, and really break you guys into the spotlight. How do yourespond to that?

Jacob: We're purposely kind of not playing the game, and that sort of remains constant. We didn't license anything off Danse Macabre, because we didn't want people to hear those songs for the first time in a car commercial. We've turned down a lot of major label offers that didn't allow us the creativity that we feel is pivotal to our livelihood as a band's creative sanity. I don't really know, at this point we've just been doing what we do, and established a fan base that supports our career, our artistry, and our method of doing it. I'm not sure if we'll attempt to service music from the new album for radio or we'll hire a promoter. There is a lot variables right now in themusic industry because of the way things work out with digital distribution, and file sharing, and trying to see how musicians as artists fit into that. CDs might not exist a year from now, things are changing. I'm not sure how we'll approach that with the release of our new album...

Scene Point Blank: This question got brought up in one of the last interviews I did, and I thought it rather interesting. Do you feel as if the album concept is dying? All of your records past Media have had a definite flow to them...

Jacob: It's not dying, it's just reverting to how it was in the 60's because of the Internet. People are seeking out one song at a time, and it's going back to the singles mentality. That's pretty well summarized by the Peter Bjorn and John video for Young Folks. I haven't heard another song by Peter Bjorn and John, to be honest, and maybe I never will. I'm not trying to make fun of them or anything, but with blogs and websites where you can download one song at a time...I don't know. I will still always love albums, and even though there are bands where I only have one track on my iTunes, I probably will go back and get the rest of the songs. I feel like there is still a place for albums, I personally listen to them when I'm working on things, or when on tour; you sit down and take it in.

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Words by Graham Isador on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Graham Isador on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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