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As we enter the 21st century we become more and more like what our science fiction forefathers wrote us up to be. This is evident by attending underground rock shows and seeing young adults with haircuts similar to that of Spock from the futuristic television show Star Trek. The bands that they "shake their hips" to don keyboards with electrical noises similar to lasers and space ships.


The transportation to these events includes teleportation and time travel. It appears like a lot of rock 'n' roll bands of today don't get the idea of this future, but instead emulate what has already been done. This is where The Spotlight Syndicate comes in. They aren't any rock 'n' revival, they are the sequel. But in no way are they forgetting their roots, including influences from Gang Of Four to Moss Icon. And don't get me wrong, their influences aren't just based on the past, but include such present day music makers as Hint Hint and The Vogue.

Combining all of these elements and the want for dance, an original sound is created.Speaking of history, the members in The Spotlight Syndicate have their own. Nick (bassist/vocalist) and Jeff (drummer/sexmatician) used to be in This Computer Kills. TCK tragically broke up in 2002, but only 6 months later Nick and Jeff realized that the rock must be continued. Luckily for them, they knew a keyboardist by the name of Carolyn (keyboard/h0tz0rz) that was interested in the same thing. With their joined forces they created what is now known as The Spotlight Syndicate.

What it finally comes down to, past the good looks, is the sound itself. Jeff lays down a danceable beat that is simple and doesn't go off on show-off-tangents. He does what is intended, to keep the beat. Nick lays down what is commonly known as the "phat groovz", which are bouncy and go with the already dropped dancy beat. Caroyln keys her board creating a poppy sound that with the afforementioned instruments creates a musical orgy that makes your feet start a tapping and your hips start a bumping. In short, start warming up your calves now, because you are about to dance on the rock rainbow!


1. What is your name? Nick. Carolyn. Jeff.

2. What is your mission? Keep it real. Make kids dance and sing along. Quit our jobs. Live lives that will appear interesting on a VH1 Behind the Music special.

3. What is your instrument of choice? Guitar. But for some reason on the album all the guitar tracks were deleted. We suspect sabotage.

4. Will you take this beat and dance? Hell yes, brother.

5. Excited for Terminator 3? Is Edward Furlong in it? If not, fuck that movie. Who ever heard of a girlinator?

6. Do you wash your hands after peeing? No, but don't tell anyone.

7. Favorite sexual position? Eiffel Tower.

8. World War I or World War II? Whichever one had more casualties.

9. Who's the best cook in the band? The microwave.

10. Yay or nay? Hella *.

11. Favorite Gang Of Four song? Damaged Goods

12. Favorite shoes? Satin platform heels with leather straps.

13. Can you perform the robot? Meet us on the dance floor and you'll find out.

14. Is "scene" an adjective? No. It is a noun.

15. What kind of batteries do you take? The shiny ones.

16. Is Jeff really "El Sexican"? You bet your gringo ass.

17. How has Sesame Street effected your life? Is that one of those seedy neighborhoods in Oaktown?

18. Would you model naked for us? Will you get us signed to Dreamworks? If so, then yes. If no, then....okay.

19. What is this fascination with robots? Did you ever see that movie Robot Jox? That movie was crazy go nuts.

20. Which member is the gay one, assuming that it's not Carolyn or Nick? We've all at one point or another been in the Village People, so who's to say.

* Note: It is very "Reno" to say hella.

You can read further about The Spotlight Syndicate right here; thespotlightsyndicate.com


Words by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:47 a.m.

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Posted by Zed on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:47 a.m.

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