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Trash Talk always has something on their plate. Whether it is a new release, a new tour, or a one-off festival performance, the band is always up to something. Scene Point Blank recently spoke with the band about reaching out to new audiences, the independent music world, life on the road, and some of their favorite places to eat.

Scene Point Blank: Up to this point you've toured primarily with hardcore bands. Have you noticed any difference with this current tour and past ventures?

Sam: This tour is fun because you get to get to play with different people. We've done a lot of hardcore tours. And it's been amazing each and every night and really really fun. But we wanted to try something different and play to some different people. The Bronx are awesome dudes and they are killer every night. I feel like it's been a really good experience for us.

Lee: It's definitely a different kind of tour. It's fun to play to different kinds of kids because a lot of these people might never go to a hardcore show like what we normally play. For all they know, they like hardcore, but aren't exposed to it. You play to a kid that would never go to a Trash Talk show but shows up because of The Bronx are playing and he's into it. That's cool to play to whoever wants to listen.

Scene Point Blank: How'd you hook up with The Bronx for this tour?

Garrett: We both just kind of know each other, they're from California and some of us live there as well. We just started talking to those dudes and overnight it kind of happened.

Lee: First time we played with them was CMJ in New York City. We met up with them for a show and it was awesome and everything just kind of clicked. A good friend of ours, Zach, does sound for them. He's a hardcore kid; they're all hardcore kids playing in a punk band. It's awesome.

Scene Point Blank: At CMJ you played multiple shows in one day. A lot of times I'll see that you've scheduled tours like that ?two, three even four shows in one day. What motivates you guys to do this?

Sam: A lot of these shows are twenty-one plus. A lot of our fans are not twenty-one. We want to play shows for everyone; we don't want to alienate anyone. We come to your town we want everyone to be able to see us. So we'll play a house show, a basement, whatever we can get so we can play for everyone. Plus, it's fun.

Lee: I just turned twenty-one a few days ago; there have definitely been bands that come through my town where I wanted to go see them but I couldn't' because I was too young. I wish they would have played a house show that I could go to because it's a band I want to see and it's a bummer that its for only a certain age group.

Sam: I'm not even twenty-one and we were playing SXSW and there were tons of shows that I wanted to see but I couldn't get into. So we like to offer that.

Scene Point Blank: What about the fests that you've played. There are been quite a few fests that you've been a part of that have had a variety of styles of bands. How have those reactions been?

Garrett: It's been pretty positive. I always like playing to different crowds and different people because they kind of absorb it for a pure live show. It's not what they've heard or any preconceived notions of the music. They're just there and having fun. Not because of what they read on a messageboard or buying our shirts because they are cool. Those are the people that are more deeply rooted so those are the people that will be around regardless. So I enjoy those types of shows, we're lucky to be able to play them.

Sam: It's a lot like these shows; it's playing to a different crowd. It's a lot of fun, definitely a good time.

Lee: We all listen to hardcore punk but we like other music. It's like, "Oh shit, we're playing a show with fucking Mastodon or Neurosis or No Age." All that stuff is fun.

Sam: It's cool when bands that sound nothing like you respect you. When you don't feel like they're just going to look at you and go, "Oh those crazy guys on stage." But everyone is psyched on what you're doing. It's a humbling experience.

Scene Point Blank: Touring non-stop is pretty much standard for Trash Talk. Do you ever miss taking a break?

Sam: Yes

Garrett: Yes

Lee: These guys do. I do, but I don't really know what else to do besides get in a van and go for a long time. When I come home, sit at home and chill, and wait for the next tour to come along. Fuck, when's the next tour? Garret knows? When I get home, I'll chill for like two days and then I'll call him up and say "We gotta do this, we gotta do that." We gotta leave, we gotta go.

Garrett: Yeah, and then I tell him he sucks and I wanna chill with my dog.

Lee: Yeah, he's like "Yo, I'm just trying to chill out with my dog and have a real life." And I'm like "Fuck that, I'm trying to get in a van and drive to the east coast."

Sam: The band turns into your life and it turns into all that you know.

Lee: Going home is awesome because the first three days of sleep are much needed. You just lay in your bed and be a vegetable for three days. After those three days I'm itching. I'll go to a show and I'll be thinking, "I wish I were playing a show right now."

Scene Point Blank: Any place you'd still like to play but haven't?

Lee: I want to go to South America. I want to go to South Africa

Sam: I want to go to Newfoundland

Lee: We're going to Australia soon and we hadn't played there before. I want to go to Vermont, we haven't played a show there yet.

Garrett: Anywhere in Canada that will let us.

Scene Point Blank: You've got a new 7" coming out called "East of Eden." Or is it already out?

Lee: It's sold out.

Sam: It's out but you can't get it.

Scene Point Blank: What's the meaning behind the name?

Lee: Our bass player came up with that.

Sam: Where is Spencer?

Garrett: Spencer is MIA right now.

Lee: He had a medical issue come up that he had to take care of but he'll be back with us soon.


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Words by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Michael on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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