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Year End 2012

Music: 2012: A Year In Review

EPs That Deserved Extra Attention in 2012

EPs That Deserved Extra Attention in 2012


Nothing - Downward Years To Come

A late entry this year comes from Philadelphia's own shoegaze masters. With this, their third EP, the band refines their own little niche within the genre, allowing room for elements outside of the general guitar, bass and drums. These elements allow them to make their big ideas bigger and their songs shimmer and shine. This is something worth seeking out and playing on repeat.


Deathspell Omega - Drought

OK: this may or may not be an EP - I don't honestly care. While most bands tend to fight over their kvlt status, Deathspell couldn't be bothered to give a shit at all. The band remain their own little beast. Allowing room for technicality, atmosphere, evil and brutality within their usual scope, this is a necessary and amazing addendum to their already spectacular discography.


Eyehategod - New Orleans Is The New Vietnam

While this is essentially a single, it found its place on this list for good reason: this single song remains the first new EHG song in a number of years. The song proves that the band, after more than a few years, still have it and then some. The song relies on an absolutely destructive blues based riff that will destroy your speakers without mercy. All this happens before the infamous Mike Williams even opens his mouth. Please welcome back the NOLA monsters.


Pity Party/Vacation Bible School - Split

In a pairing of Illinois pop-punks Vacation Bible School and ex-The Measure members’ Pity Party, Underground Communique brings an upbeat and fiery few minutes. With minimal art, it took the (included with purchase) download to determine that VBS gets the A-side for 2 pop-punk songs that walk a fine line between traditional genre-play and their own brand of tight harmony and wit. The b-side brings Pity Party—while there’s at least one throwaway on here, the general sound brings a quick smile and recognition at familiar songwriting. It’s very similar to their previous band, even with new voices involved and some switch-ups. What really makes the EP work, though, is that underlying similarities between the bands in making a harmony work while bringing fast-paced and thoughtful punk.

- Jon E (#1-3) & Loren (#4)

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Words by the SPB team on Jan. 20, 2013, 7:13 a.m.

KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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Series: Year End 2012

A collection of coverage rounding up the year 2012, covering our favorite albums, shows, bands, and more, as well as asking record labels and bands about their past twelve months in music

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