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Year End 2015

Music: 2015: A Year In Review

The Best Reissues, Comps, Mixes, Etc. of 2015

The best reissues, compilations, mixes, and the all-encompassing etc. from the past 12 months. Basically this is the catchall of everything that isn't covered on our other best-of lists - vinyl reissues, DJ mixes, mixtapes, live shows, compilations, and so on. We're cofindent that there's a little something here for everyone.

  • A Cat Called Fritz - Nowadays


    Fritz reworks classic rap songs and mixes in some new stuff and some exclusive beats. Perfect to throw in the earbuds for both mowing the lawn and sipping the cold ones afterwards.

    Listen here.

  • Agnostic Front - No One Rules LP

    (Radio Raheem)

    First official vinyl release of these 30 some tracks spanning two different demo sessions; from before the United Blood 7" and before the Victim In Pain LP. Plus a ginormous book filled with flyers, photos, stories, and other ephemera; including AF playing in a cave!

  • Anaszi / Survival - Communion split LP


    Vinyl reissue of the 2013 cassette-only split between these two primitive, gothic, cold-wave-ish punk bands.

  • Bahnhof - February 82 7"

    (No Plan)

    Sing-a-long punk from Milan, Italy. They began 1979 and ended 1984 after the singer had a motorcycle accident. All that was left behind was a famed four song cassette, which has finally seen the light of day on vinyl and, holy shit, does it ever sound incredible.

  • Bikini Kill - Revolution Girl Style Now LP

    (Bikini Kill)

    Vinyl reissue of the original 1991 demo tape plus three unreleased tracks.

  • Brycon Games - The Adventures of Whoopin Crane, parts 1 - 3 CD


    8-bit madness from Bay Area producer Brycon.

  • Cal & the Calories - Greatest Asses cassette


    It's been said that Cal & The Calories is just stuff that Martin thinks is too poppy to be considered as Lumpy & The Dumpers. And while that may be true, only the discerning ear would ever notice. I happen to own a set of those there discerning ears, and yeah, I get it. Well anyway, this is everything done under the Cal moniker complied one one side of a cassette.

  • DJ Food - Solid Steel Radio Show 11/12/15: DJ Food vs. The Rammellzee


    "For the past weeks I've been reading, watching, listening, writing and building The Rammellzee and his mythos have become an unhealthy obsession." This is Kevin Foakes (AKA DJ Food) in an article he wrote for The Quietus back in December, titled "The Rammellzee: From Beat Bop To Cosmic Flush on The Quietus." This mix is the result of said obsession.

    Listen here.

  • DJ Gravy & DJ Corey Chase - Double Barrel: Reggae Samples & Hip-Hop Classics


    Chase & Gravy explore the longstanding association between reggae and hip-hop; joining together definitive rap tracks with the very same reggae songs that were sampled.

    Listen here.

  • DJ Qbert - JellyFishLazerFace


    Qbert describes this mixtape—a recapitulation of hisExtraterrestrium: The Guided Space Tour album—as “an odyssey of future bass music." It’s a dope mix that places ultramodern hip-hop production from the likes of El-P alongside post-dubstep and other subbed-out sounds with Qbert’s trademark turntablism leading the way.

    Listen here.

  • DJ Rhude - Naz: The Flyest Essence


    Despite their numerous collaborations Nas and AZ have never collaborated on a full-length album. So DJ Rhude made one for us.

    Listen here.

  • DJ Wicked - The Wicked Takeover on MHz 11/1/15: 1995 Hip-Hop Special


    If you've never heard Wicked's themed "takeover" shows on KZSU's MHz you're sleeping. (Do yourself a favor and peep his "420/Weed Smokers Special" shows.) This one celebrates the year '95 in rap music; comprised primarily of deep cuts and B-sides and all off of vinyl. Twenty years later and this stuff still sounds ill.

    Listen here.

  • Eli Escobar - Live At Brooklyn Museum 4/2/15: Basquiat "Unknown Notebooks" Opening


    I freak out every time a DJ drops Liquid Liquid's "Cavern" in the mix, as Escobar does in his set for the latest Basquiat art show. In addition, he spins era-appropriate party atmosphere-enhancing tracks from The Clash, Madonna, Grace Jones, Blondie, the B-52's, and many more.

    Listen here.

  • Iron Boots - Complete Discography LP

    (Grave Mistake)

    This discography LP is rad if you're in the mood for a mid-'00s NYHC/skinhead/mosh worship with glam metal guitar leads revival thing.

  • JD Twitch - NTS Radio 10/30/15: Post-Punk Special


    Listen here.

  • Minneapolis Uranium Club - Human Exploration 12" EP

    (Fashionable Idiots)

  • Shout Out New York & United Crates - Ol' Dirty Bastards: ODB Sides


    Listen here.

  • Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Those of Earth…And Other Worlds 2xLP


  • Useless Eaters - Singles: 2011-2014 CD


  • Various Artists - Bughouse, vol. 1 mixtape cassette

    (Not Normal)

  • Various Artists - Coalmine Records presents: Reminded (Mixed by DJ Revolution)


    Listen here.

  • Various Artists - Lumpy Mix, vol. 2 mixtape cassette


  • Various Artists - Next Stop Soweto, vol. 4 2xLP


  • Various Artists - Trevor Jackson presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics 3xLP

    (On-U Sound)

  • Vexx - Live cassette


  • Wasted Talent - Ready to Riot LP

    (Going Underground)

    Unearthed punk rock from State College, PA circa 1981-1983 compiled on vinyl for the first time.

  • Miss Red - Murder


    Listen here.

  • Wiki - Lil Me


    Listen here.

Nathan G. O'Brien is the King of Punk. You can find him on Twitter at @OMG_NOB.

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Words by the SPB team on Jan. 12, 2016, 2:47 p.m.

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2015: A Year In Review

Posted on Jan. 12, 2016, 2:47 p.m.

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