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Year End 2019

Music: 2019: A Year In Review

The best non-punk or metal of 2019 according to Dennis


Hania Rani

Esja (Gondwana Records)

This record was my go to record when I needed to calm myself down. It has exactly the right peaceful vibe you need every now and then. Basically a warm hug put to music. The great thing is that however peaceful the music is, it never goes dull.


Orville Peck

Pony (Sub Pop)

This is a truly fascinating piece of music. Effortlessly switching from country and americana to The Smiths to roots, while never forgetting what it is all about: great songs! The vocals raise it even more above it’s contemporaries. Highly recommended!


Frankie Lee

Stillwater (Loose)

This is the perfect record for late summer nights. Sitting outside with a cooled drink, enjoying the cool night. Mr Lee has the perfect voice and collected the perfect songs recording one of 2019’s highlights.


Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse (Innovative Leisure Records)

Nick Waterhouse is an artist I have been following since his debut. I felt his second album was good, but a bit of a step down from his almost magical debut. His third album was a step up again, his fourth album, this one brings back the magic. I love his vibe here, which is laid back and upbeat all at once.


John Paul White

The Hurting Kind (Single Lock Records)

Once upon a time John Paul White was part of The Civil Wars together with Joy Williams. It hurt me a bit when they disbanded, what they did under that moniker was extremely well crafted and performed roots. This is his first solo album I like. He has to carry the torch alone, but shows he is more than capable of doing so. Joy Williams released a splendid album too by the way. Really good, but falling short of top five material.

- Dennis

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Words by the SPB team on Jan. 7, 2020, 1:58 p.m.

Main calendar photo by Hana Loftus.

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Series: Year End 2019

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