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Fest 10th anniversary: Fests 4-6 remembered

Words: Loren • October 4, 2011

Fest 10th anniversary: Fests 4-6 remembered
Fest 10th anniversary: Fests 4-6 remembered

the fest 10.jpgThe Fest in Gainesville has become an institution, and Scene Point Blank has hit numbers 6-9 and lived to tell the tale. As the event is celebrating their tenth anniversary with an alumni theme, SPB decided to catch up with some of the old timers to see what they remember about their experiences.

Recalling Fests 4-6, we talked with Erik Funk of Dillinger Four, Ian MacDougall of Riverboat Gamblers, and Andy Nelson of Paint It Black. While some memories were a bit spotty, recurring themes involved general mayhem, a lot of consumption, and Davey Tiltwheel.

  • Fest 4: Erik Funk of Dillinger Four
  • Fest 5: Ian MacDougall of Riverboat Gamblers
  • Fest 6: Andy Nelson of Paint It Black

Stay tuned for interviews about Fests 7-9, our already published recollections of 1-3, and of course, our coverage of this year's #10.

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Loren • October 4, 2011

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