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Scene Point Blank - Spryos Stasis

Words: Andy Armageddon • June 1, 2016

Scene Point Blank - Spryos Stasis
Scene Point Blank - Spryos Stasis

Spyros Stasis

SPB: (How) Has work in sound engineering affected your music tastes and/or reviewing?

Spyros Stasis: It has not affected so much my outlook on the quality of the production, so it does not mean that when I cannot listen to the old Darkthrone albums anymore. I still consider that sometimes certain bands or artists do require a more rough production, something that would not be as polished, for instance, staying with my Darkthrone example, I cannot imagine Transylvanian Hunger with a pristine production.

However, sound engineering in general got me into more experimental music and artists that would try and push the boundaries of what is supposed to be the norm sonically. So I think it had a great influence in me becoming more open-minded about the music I listen to.

Scene Point Blank - Spryos Stasis
Scene Point Blank - Spryos Stasis

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