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Quite literally, a one question interview. Also known as 1QIs, we post these first to our social media on a near-daily basis, with the archival piece here. Check 'em out.

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One Question Interviews • June 30, 2021


SPB: Znousland 2 contains a cover from a reggae band which seems a very unusual choice for a cover, considering you play hardcore/metal. What made you want to cover this tune?

Znous: We make indeed some sort of heavy music but we have our roots deep in North African and African music.

The band we covered was at some …

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Lamp Of Murmuur

One Question Interviews • June 29, 2021

Lamp of Murmuur

SPB: You covered a Dead Can Dance song on your record: Why this band and this song in particular? What is it about them that you feel links them to your style of black metal? Lamp of Murmuur: Starting with the notion that music is some sort of "universal language," it is quite obvious that some bands/groups …

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One Question Interviews / What's That Noise? • June 27, 2021

Lord Tenebris (Ecryptus – bass)

SPB: What type of bass do you play with Ecryptus and why did you choose that for the theme of this band?

Lord Tenebris: I use a G&L L-2000 run through an abominable electronics Hail Satan Deluxe, a Boss EQ, a compressor and wah when needed. When I got to where I felt comfortable with …

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One Question Interviews / What's That Noise? • May 26, 2021

Jace (DEAD – bass)

SPB: What type of bass do you play and how did you choose it?

Jace: For live shows I have 2 Fender Precision basses. Both made in Japan, one from the mid ‘80s, one from the mid ‘90s.

I’ve changed the bridge on one and upgraded the pickups on both. One has a low action and …

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The Dialtones

One Question Interviews • May 24, 2021

Lauren Gurgiolo (The Dialtones)

SPB: What’s a record you’re really into that would surprise your fans?

Gurgiolo: I listened to this masterpiece from 1995 to 2006 every day. When I think of it, I immediately feel comforted and at home. I fell in love with the sound multiple times over the years, especially in emotionally rough times when most albums …

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Broken Record

One Question Interviews / What's That Noise? • May 19, 2021

Lauren (Broken Record)

SPB: What is your guitar/amp combo and how did you choose it?

Lauren says:

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Talk Show Host

One Question Interviews • May 3, 2021

Chris Veinot (Talk Show Host)

SPB: Was any of the “Blood in the Sand” cat footage shot specifically for the video or was it all footage you previously had on hand?

Veinot: The only thing shot specifically for the video was the intro, with Maila (the big white marshmallow doofus) lounging like an idiot in front of the radiator. The …

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Discomfort Creature

One Question Interviews • April 28, 2021

Chris Fogal (Discomfort Creature-guitar/vocals)

SPB: Do you get nervous before you play a show/take the stage?

Fogal: If I haven't played for a while I do get a little nervous but it's more like an annoying excitement. It's not like fear of being up on stage or anything. It's more like I wish I could just relax and chill but …

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One Question Interviews • April 26, 2021

Andy Diaz (Safety)

SPB: You break a string onstage during a song. What’s your strategy: attempt a BB King-style replacement while playing?

Diaz: If I break a string in the middle of a song, I simplify the chords until I have the opportunity to grab my backup guitar. For me, having a backup tuned and ready to go saves time, …

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I Against I

One Question Interviews • April 16, 2021

Bob (I Against I – bass)

SPB: (In non-COVID times) What do you like to do on a tour off date?

Bob: On a tour off date I like to walk around town with people who live there. They know where to find the best record stores, bars and places to sleep in the sunshine. We did a night-tour through …

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One Question Interviews • April 14, 2021


SPB: What was the first concert you all attended (together)?

Sandré: We went to the Idles show together two years ago. It was incredible. Stefi and Rosa ended up on stage. Marc lost his glasses. Nothing happened to Carles but he enjoyed it very much. 

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Black Sheep Wall

One Question Interviews / What's That Noise? • April 12, 2021

Scott Turner (Black Sheep Wall)

SPB: What’s the most MacGyver-esque workaround you’ve made to connect different bits of equipment?

Turner: Using a $5 1/8” splitter cable and a few 1/8” to 1/4” adapters from Radio Shack to link up two live rigs at once.

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One Question Interviews / What's That Noise? • April 7, 2021

Igor Starshinov (Ploho)

SPB: What make/model of synth did you primarily use on the new record? How did you choose this model? Starshinov: We used Moog minimoog model d, Nord lead 2x, Quasimidi the Raven, Roland Vp550, Casio VL 1, Roland sh 101 and Roland juno 60. We chose these synthesizers because they are the best for these songs. The Moog d mini, Casio VL …

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Nice Surprise

One Question Interviews • April 6, 2021

Ian MacDougall (Nice Surprise – guitar/vocals/bass)

SPB: Is Nice Surprise primarily a two-person project? What is the origin story?

MacDougall: Nice Surprise is myself, Ian MacDougall on Vocals/Guitar/Bass and Stuart Sikes doing the recording and drums. It was pretty much born out of quarantine boredom and our love of fuzzed out punk/garage music. I’ve recorded and interned in the studio with …

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Fox Face

One Question Interviews • April 5, 2021

Lindsay DeGroot (Fox Face - lead guitar, vocals)

SPB: How old were you when you first learned an instrument?

DeGroot: I started playing guitar when I was 25 years-old. A few years before that, I played drums for the first time for "All Messed Up." All Messed Up is a yearly "randomized musical experiment" in Milwaukee, WI, where total novices …

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Pinned in Place

One Question Interviews / What's That Noise? • April 2, 2021

Sean Arenas (Pinned in Place – guitar)

SPB: What guitar do you play (and how did you choose it)?

Arenas: I've only ever owned one electric guitar: my purple Fender Standard Telecaster, a Mexican model. I purchased it when I was nineteen from a sixteen-year-old kid in Temple City, Calif. His mom forced him to sell it because he was flunking …

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One Question Interviews / What's That Noise? • March 31, 2021

Gene Woolfolk III (Vincas - guitar)

SPB: What type of guitar do you play for live gigs and how/why did you choose it?

Woolfolk: I have a plethora of large, heavy tube amps but none of them fit in a minivan. Chris lets me use his Musicman HD-130 2x10 combo for Vincas because I need something loud, clean, fits in …

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The Plurals

One Question Interviews • March 30, 2021

Tommy Plural (The Plurals)

SPB: What do you remember about the first Plurals live show?

Tommy: The Plurals -- from the beginning, and to this day, Tommy, Nich, and Hattie -- started playing together when we were all still in high school, largely jamming on Pixies covers in the spring of 2004. We cycled through a lot of joke band …

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Old Ghosts

One Question Interviews • March 24, 2021

Derek (Old Ghosts)

SPB: What is the best TV theme song?

Derek: It would have to the Cheers theme (I know I’m showing my age). Some of the lyrics hit me & I find them quite relatable. Also, the piano is quite catchy.

Here’s some lyrics with my comments:

“Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.”  …

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City Of Industry

One Question Interviews • March 23, 2021

Ossa Humiliata (City of Industry) SPB: Who is your favorite lyricist? Humiliata: Damian Abraham and Mike Haliechuk from Fucked Up. Collectively, their word play, storytelling, and creativity are always operating at 100 in my opinion.

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