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Upcoming Talent: Upcoming Talent #2: I Rise

Forming in the latter part of 2006 and almost immediately playing shows, Worcester?s I Rise is making quite some noise for such a young band. Featuring former members of the now-defunct Worcester band Youth Attack, I Rise is playing a style of hardcore almost extinct in today?s scene. With a sound similar to bands like Inside Out and Burn, I Rise also carries political and spiritual messages in their music.

Their live show is also something of a spectacle, with an intensity and passion proving these dudes are the real deal. If you?re not privileged enough to live in the northeast and see them in action be sure to catch I Rise on first full US tour this summer with Verse and Down To Nothing while they make their way out to California?s Sound and Fury festival.

This spring I Rise released a split with Providence?s Soul Control, and later during this summer, another 7" on 1917 Records. If you can wait until then, head over to the 1917 Records site where you can download their demo for free. Read on to check out a short interview with Joe, the bassist of I Rise.

Scene Point Blank: I don?t know exactly when you formed, but you seem like a very young band, based on the momentum you already have going- can you explain how I Rise came to be?

I Rise: I can't explain it. It honestly just happened. Jeff from Youth Attack kind of sat us all down and told us we were going to be in a band together. Nicky was really interested in singing, Danny and I were in another band that we didn?t really take seriously. The important thing is, we clicked, we've all gotten to know each other better, and we're all having a blast doing this.

Scene Point Blank: Going back to that momentum, what?s it to be I Rise right now? It seems like you?re getting an overwhelmingly positive response?

I Rise: We're stoked that so many people have responded to our band at all, never mind a positive response. The support we've been getting really means a lot. It's an amazing feeling to be a part of something that people are getting into.

Scene Point Blank: It seems like I Rise also had no trouble getting on to some really killer shows ? not to mention a sweet summer tour with Verse and Down to Nothing. Did having ex-members in Youth Attack, who were already familiar with a lot of dudes in the scene help? (In addition to just writing really good songs).

I Rise: I don?t think it was so much just having members of Youth Attack, as it was having a group of kids who make a real effort to get out and support lots of bands, and support lots of shows. We are all pretty familiar with people who were able to help us out, because we all care about hardcore, and the hardcore scene. I think when those dudes in the scene who are in a position to help people out see a group of kids who support them week after week, it means something to them.

Scene Point Blank: Now my hardcore credentials aren?t nearly impressive as those of most people I know but after hearing the demo, it sounds like you're cultivating a sound similar to the stuff that came out on Revelation after the tail end of the ?straight edge movement? and some of mid nineties Equal Vision stuff. We're kind of hard pressed to find bands that sound like that now. What drew you to that sound?

I Rise: What I like about I Rise is that we are able to take that 90's hardcore sound that we all love, and blend it with the hardcore music of today that we also love. Bands like 108 and Burn especially have influenced our sound and style, and we try to stay true to that, but we don?t want to be limited by that. The sincerity in the sound of bands from the 90's is rarely matched. I think that is what draws us to that style of music. As for us, I am very excited to see where we can take I Rise musically.

Scene Point Blank: Keeping the last question in mind you seem to be more on the political and spiritual tip than a lot of the other bands you have played with. Do you think politics and issues of spirituality need more representation? Also ,when I saw you in Worcester with Bane, your merch table had fliers raising awareness about a clean air act or something to that affect; what are some current issues that I Rise thinks everyone should know about?

I Rise: All of us in I Rise are interested, to different degrees, about issues of a political, social, and spiritual aspect. I think I can speak for the rest of the band when I say we all feel that it isn?t the issue that's important, but to have something that you can get behind. STEP IT UP WORCESTER is an environmental organization raising awareness about the changing climate. While I think that is an important issue to be thought about and discussed, what I support the most, and why we are so involved with helping them out is because they are people doing something to benefit what they believe. We support people having ideas, opinions, and beliefs, more so than the idea, opinion, or belief itself.

Scene Point Blank: Lastly, what should people be looking out for from I Rise, touring and release wise? It seems this will be the summer of I Rise.

Rise: This summer, we will be doing our first U.S. tour with Verse, Allegiance, and Down To Nothing. We couldn?t be happier or more excited to be touring with such amazing bands. We will be touring out to Sound and Fury Fest in CA for the last weekend in July, and that?s going to be a blast. As for recordings, we have our first 7" coming out on 1917 Records early this summer.

Words: Scottie | Graphics: Matt


Words by Scottie on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Scottie on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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