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Upcoming Talent: Upcoming Talent #4: Mouthbreather

Unless you're one of those people that consider D.C. to be a part of Virginia, then it's safe to say that Richmond is the punk capitol of the state. With such a tightly knit community, bands are constantly springing up and coming out with new and innovative music. Mouthbreather is one of those bands, forming from the ashes of popular Richmond groups Wow, Owls! and The Setup. Playing music that is similar to both and yet still all their own, Mouthbreather is certainly a band to keep an eye on. Having released a demo and preparing to release their first full-length, the band is on the right track, keeping Richmond's punk and hardcore roots in mind. Scene Point Blank talked with Tyler Worley and Brandon Peck about the bands identity, upcoming album, and recent tour.

Scene Point Blank: Mouthbreather formed after the breakups of Wow, Owls! and The Setup. Are you all trying to move on from those bands and create a new identity, or do you still want to be remembered as those dudes from Richmond that played in some sweet bands?

Brandon Peck: I think it's sometimes hard to escape your past, but in this case, I'm not sure any of us are actually trying to do that. This band would not exist were it not for the fact that the five of us played in two others, that we were good friends with each other and put out a record together. I think our sound is sometimes very reminiscent of our previous bands, and I'm proud of what we've done, both past and present. So, short answer, yes and no. We don't want to be remembered only for what we've already done, but we're certainly not embarrassed by our pasts.

Tyler Worley: I think we are trying to have our own identity and make music that we like and still be remembered as being in some pretty good bands as well. Not one or the other.

Scene Point Blank: The thing that I remember most from Wow, Owls! was how fun it was. Not that listening to Mouthbreather isn't fun, but the band seems to be taking things more seriously. Do you think this is the case?

Brandon Peck: I would say that there is a difference personality-wise. Wow, Owls! was a silly band that started out as a way for five friends to play music together, and turned into something a lot more serious for us. We never had any plans of going on tour, or putting out records and going to Europe, it just sort of happened along the way. Being the group that we were, we just rolled with the punches and tried to have as much fun as possible. I would say that Mouthbreather, as a band, is much more focused on what we want to do, and the goals we hope to fulfill. As a group of people, however, I would say that we have just as much fun, if not more, we're just a little older and a little less naive.

Tyler Worley: I don't think that's the case really, I mean we've got some funny song titles I guess. I think we are just as fun if not funnier than Wow, Owls! We are still just as goofy, in a good way - haha.

Scene Point Blank: You released a demo a few months ago, and a full-length is coming shortly. Can you give us any info on the full-length, maybe a label or producer and release date?

Tyler Worley: Well, we recorded twelve songs with Chris Owens in Louisville. Ten songs will be on a full-length and two songs on a 7" or something. We have no idea who is putting all this out but we have been talking to some people about it. As soon as we know then everyone will know.

Scene Point Blank: Mouthbreather just came back from a pretty sizeable tour. How was it, any good stories?

Brandon Peck: The tour was fun, you know, ups and downs alike. We were able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and hit a lot of the cities we had to cancel shows in back in February. We got to hang out with an awesome Japanese band called Deepslauter, see two people get tattooed at two separate houses along the way, hang out in a metal sculpture garden, and play a street punk show (where maybe ten of the seventy or so people watched us - remember when punk rock wasn't so close-minded?). It was a good trip overall, I'd give it a B, maybe a B-.

Tyler Worley: The tour was pretty good, kids knew our songs in some places and overall we all had a good time. I guess my good story would be when we played in St. Augustine Florida. Our guitar player John and I were sleeping in our friend Christine's room on the floor. This kid opens up the door to her room and I woke up and looked up and was pretty confused as to why this kid was just standing there. My confusion was cleared up when this wasted drunk kid just starts puking all over the floor right next to my sleeping bag. This woke everyone in the room up and we were yelling at him to please stop puking on the floor, but he didn't listen and continued to puke up all his beer and whatever else was in his stomach. After the kid puked, he walked away and went to the bathroom (pretty ironic). As he was coming out we told him to clean up his puke; he did, but denied puking the entire time he was cleaning it. It's an alright story I guess - haha.

Scene Point Blank: I'm sure jokes like Asshiter and Dickpisser can get old, but where did the name Mouthbreather originate from?

Brandon Peck: We were all sitting around one day watching Seinfeld and that one episode came on, and Gene looked at John Hall and screamed, "OMG WE HAVE TO NAME OUR BAND MOUTHBREATHER!!!! THAT WOULD BE SO FUNNY TO HAVE A REFERENCE TO A SHOW ABOUT NOTHING!!!!" The very next day we learned our first cover song, "Kissed from a Rose" by Seal.

Tyler Worley: The name Mouthbreather is a Jesus Lizard song actually. But when we were trying to think of names for our band, Gene and John Martin mentioned Mouthbreather because that's actually what The Setup was going to change their name to before they broke up.

Words: Cory | Graphics: Matt


Words by Cory on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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Posted by Cory on Oct. 16, 2010, 11:05 a.m.

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