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Ancient Wisdom

Prosthetic (2013)

A lot has been said about Ancient VVisdom, not all of it positive, and for many just letting the music do the talking isn’t enough. Heck, it should be more than enough, because Ancient VVisdom’s second shot at the full length is a deadly and distressing thing of beauty. Deathlike does exactly what it says on the tin, and this time around instead of a … Read more


Black Ocean
Prosthetic (2008)

Thanks to the ever increasing popularity of whack bands like Bullet for My Valentine, Trivium, etc. among the metallically-naïve listeners out there, it seems that metalcore has taken the place of nu-metal as the classification that bands most want to avoid - although deathcore is aggressively seeking the title, as well. Century is one band that can carry the metalcore … Read more


Spirit Crusher
Prosthetic (2018)

2017 saw the release of Dödsrits' self titled debut album. I was impressed by the quality that I discovered on that album. Had I found it earlier it would have made my yearlist, no doubt. It is also an album with staying value. I still come back to it on a regular basis. I could not be happier to hear … Read more


Courting Tragedy and Disaster
Prosthetic (2003)

When I first downloabought the new Himsa record, I can't lie, I had really low expectations for it. I'm not a big fan of metalcore, and I've never liked anything by Himsa I've heard in the past. To my surprise, within the first couple tracks, I found myself quite entertained. Himsa really bring nothing new to the table at all, … Read more


Hail Horror
Prosthetic (2006)

In 2003 Himsa dropped Courting Tragedy and Disaster on an unsuspecting hardcore and metal scene. It was an intense follow up to and a major stylistic shift from their first full-length album, Ground Breaking Ceremony. The five piece went through a bit of lineup shuffling (Nothing new to a band that has replaced everyone but the bassist at least once … Read more


Reports from the Threshold of Death
Prosthetic (2011)

I will say this: Junius' newest album Reports from the Threshold of Death is certainly a unique release. But that's really the totality of positive things I have to say about it. Believe me, I really want to like this album. And, to their credit, Junius certainly do a lot of things that entice my interest. But here's the issue: … Read more


Static Tensions
Prosthetic (2009)

Is it really time for another Kylesa album? It may only seem like yesterday but it has been quite a while since their last album, Time Will Fuse its Worth, and the band looks intent on besting that effort in every way. Still set with its dual drummer line-up, Kylesa offer Static Tensions with its ten tracks of their crust … Read more


Time Will Fuse its Worth
Prosthetic (2006)

Kylesa is a conundrum. They straddle so many genres and styles of music that it is almost fruitless to attempt to classify them. However, I believe that this fact is part of their appeal where in other bands' cases, it would be a detriment. Regardless, their new album, Time Will Fuse its Worth, marks the addition of two new drummers … Read more

Landmine Marathon

Rusted Eyes Awake
Prosthetic (2009)

One of the biggest pleasures of listening to Rusted Eyes Awake was to hear the music and not walk away with the opinion that this is just another modern U.S. metal band labeled with the death metal tag that actually plays nauseating post-millennial death-core. Landmine Marathon still does have some of those influences interspersed but for the most part the … Read more

Nero di Marte

Self Titled
Prosthetic (2013)

I'm eternally grateful to a close friend of mine for telling me to check out a little Italian quartet called Nero di Marte. If he hadn't persuaded me that not listening to this album was akin to metal blasphemy, I would never have given them a second thought. So when I purchased this album completely on faith in my friend, … Read more

Scale The Summit

The Collective
Prosthetic (2011)

I don't know about you, but a band with a name like 'Scale the Summit' evokes some pretty specific musical imagery for me--huge guitar lines, tons of stylistic shifts, and a definite sense of grandeur all come to mind. What's cool is that's exactly what the Texan instrumental progressive metal quartet sounds like. If you're not following me here, try … Read more

Scale The Summit

The Migration
Prosthetic (2013)

To understand why Scale the Summit's newest release The Migration is so fascinating, you first need a bit of background:Scale the Summit's first couple of releases (Monument, Carving Desert Canyons) codified the same formula the band works by today; they play a brand of instrumental progressive metal that, through epic melodies and huge construction, is intended to invoke a sense of grandeur and … Read more


Prosthetic (2014)

Existence is a series of challenges – ones that force you to adapt, to change and to create sides of yourself that you show to the world, ones that are more appealing and accepted, ones that help you feel more at ease and able to cope with the journey we call life. Those ideas are at the heart of Contradiction, … Read more


Beyond the Permafrost
Prosthetic (2007)

Skeletonwitch is the latest band from Ohio to make it to the big-time. These five dudes sport some silly names - Nate "N8 Feet Under" Garnette and Derrick "Mullet Chad" Nau for example - but the jokes end when they pick up their instruments. Beyond the Permafrost is twelve tracks of metal that'll give even the most experienced Hessian a … Read more


Breathing the Fire
Prosthetic (2009)

Skeletonwitch's name is known fairly well among the metal community. The band won a lot of new fans over with their sophomore record and Prosthetic Records debut, Beyond the Permafrost. Their combination of thrash and black metal was fairly different compared to what most neo-thrash bands were doing at the time. Now that a couple years have passed, there have … Read more

The Acacia Strain

Prosthetic (2008)

Oh, the wasted potential. Sweet, sweet potential, flushed away like nothing. The Acacia Strain has been building a name by pummeling faces with their relentless breakdowns and searing guitar leads, appealing to the scuzzy kids you see at shows who have their hoodies up and can't wait to do a spinkick right into your innocent crotch. Except they found a … Read more

The Esoteric

Prosthetic (2006)

Call it a sickness. Call it sheer stupidity. I have to admit that I have a soft spot I my heart for The Esoteric; I have ever since I saw them open for Coalesce a few years back. I remember remarking to my brother and friends that they reminded me of Coalesce (this was also the tour that Cory White … Read more


New Life Behind Closed Eyes
Prosthetic (2009)

Unholy returns with a brand new full-length effort, and with it comes a number of new beginnings. First off, the band has seen a major lineup shift, trading out vocalists and its rhythm section. Secondly, the band has upgraded to a more high profile home at Prosthetic Records. In spite of these changes, Unholy has continued to deliver a quality … Read more