News Bands 1QI: Quelle Chris, Low Culture, Look Mexico, Tripping Icarus

1QI: Quelle Chris, Low Culture, Look Mexico, Tripping Icarus

Posted July 28, 2013, 10:30 a.m. in Bands by Loren
1QI: Quelle Chris, Low Culture, Look Mexico, Tripping Icarus

We're proud to introduce a new series here at Scene Point Blank: One Question Interviews. Follow us at facebook or twitter and we'll post one interview every Monday-Thursday. Well, sometimes we miss a day, but it will be four each week regardless.

After our social media followers get the first word, we'll later post a wrap-up here at the site. Check out our quickie Q&As below with members of Quelle Chris, Low Culture/Dirt Cult Records, Look Mexico, and Tripping Icarus.

Quelle Chris (rapper)

SPB: Of the following gas station food options, rank the following - popcorn ball, candied peanuts, or red licorice?

Quelle Chris: I will rate them on a scale of -3 to -1 in fairness to the unmentioned but understood top contenders.

The candied peanuts are an immediate -3 and most likely wouldn't be bought because of their boring nature. Even though they're the best tasting and most filling option, this is not a contest of logic.

The popcorn ball eases into the -2 spot. They have a "my mom made me bring these to the classroom party" feel to me. Which is never cool. Understanding this is unfair given the fate of the peanuts, I would also like to add that the "unballed" popcorn would have had first place potential.

This leaves the coveted -1 spot for red licorice. Its sweet and tastes nothing like licorice but has the balls to call itself licorice anyways. On road trips it can also be used as a whip like weapon that, for the most part, can be safely consumed after striking your enemy while the other two will fall victim to gravity after being thrown. It can also double as a straw, an extra limb, trendy bracelet and so much more. Red Licorice for the win.


Chris Kluwe (Tripping Icarus, Oakland Raiders)

SPB: What happens to Tripping Icarus now that your job has moved you to a new city? Going into the band, did you expect this to happen at some time given the nature of your full-time job [as an NFL punter]?

Kluwe: The band is currently working on finishing up our fourth cd (tracking's done, we're in the mixing stage now) and we're exploring options on how to stay together with me being out of state. I hadn't planned on this happening, but we're going to do our best to keep Tripping Icarus going and making new music because we really enjoy playing together and sharing our stuff with our fans.


Matt Agrella (Look Mexico)
SPB: Who does the majority of the band’s driving?

Agrella: Driving. We try to divvy this up pretty evenly, though some of our biggest arguments will be over petty "No, you still have 15 minutes left," or "You're stopping now?" We've figured out that 3 hour shifts work for us, but a lot of bartering goes down. Say, if Smith doesn't want to drive his shift tomorrow night, he'll pull a 6-er now. On the other hand, I've seen 3 hungover dudes split a 2-hour drive. Speaking of that, now that I don't drink, I'm the permanent DD (I do like being safe). I'm also the "city driver." It's not that I'm better at maneuvering through busy, gridlocked streets, but more that I don't hate it as much as the other guys. On one occasion, before we realized we should just take up two lanes on a NYC bridge, I was "cruising" down the Williamsburg Bridge with our 26-ft Veggie-Oil Bus, wondering what the awful scraping noise was. Yeah, it was me, hugging the guard rail.

In short, I guess I drive more. But I'm not mad about it.


Chris Mason (Dirt Cult Records, Low Culture)

SPB: As somebody who runs his own label, what do you get out of releasing your own records on another label? Is it easier or relieving? What is your preference?

Mason: I started Dirt Cult Records as an outlet to release my own band's music because at the time no one else would, but I'd say that I prefer releasing my bands' records on other labels whenever possible. Though it's really cool to do something like release Low Culture's demo tape the day after we recorded, it's also incredibly neat to have a stack of records show up at your door already assembled and ready to go, and to not have to worry about promoting releases and shipping out hundreds of packages. I'd rather do that sort of work for other bands I'm excited about. Besides, it’s incredibly difficult to write descriptions of your own music.

Radio K 2
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