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New Bangers video

Posted by Loren on October 2, 2014

New Bangers video
New Bangers video

Bangers have released a new video, included below, from their recent 48-hour album project for the song "Last of the Big Dippers." The group is currently on tour with Pale Angels and Doe, which will be followed by dates with The Lawrence Arms.

UK tour with Pale Angels & Doe

2nd Oct - The Lughole, Sheffield
3rd Oct - Sin City, Swansea
4th Oct - The Joiners, Southampton (Early)
4th Oct - The Montague Arms, London (Late)

UK tour with The Lawrence Arms & Sam Russo

7th Oct - Academy 2, Sheffield
8th Oct - Academy 2, Newcastle
9th Oct - ABC 2, Glasgow
10th Oct - Academy 2, Birmingham
11th Oct - The Fleece, Bristol
12th Oct - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
13th Oct - Academy 2, Liverpool
14th Oct - Ruby Lounge, Manchester
15th Oct - Islington Academy, London
16th Oct - The Cellar, Southampton

New Bangers video
New Bangers video

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