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Bridge Nine Re Releasing Antidote EP

Posted July 12, 2010, 2:59 p.m. in Labels by Jon E.

Press Release:

Antidote formed in the depths of New York City in the early 1980’s when guitarist Robb Nunzio decided to start a band. Nunzio reflected, “One day I heard Black Flag and things just changed for me. I started Antidote with my buddy Arthur from Queens on drums who just left The Misfits and Tom Victor (Prong, Danzig) played bass in the beginning. Louie, our first singer, was a roadie for the Bad Brains. They gave us our first breaks.” The Thou Shalt Not Kill 7 inch came out in the summer of 1983 and at the time, no one had heard NYHC sound so clear and well-produced. “As fate would have it, the original lineup split up and I decided on the strength of the music to keep going with my friend and High & The Mighty singer Drew Stone on vocals. We went on to perform the songs on Thou Shalt Not Kill and many others for eight years before calling it quits”, Nunzio continued.

Fast forward to 2008 and Antidote reunited to play the A7 reunion show in NYC, which was the first time they had been on stage together in over 15 years. Current Antidote vocalist Drew Stone commented, “We couldn’t believe how many people packed the room to see us and as soon as we hit the first notes, the place exploded. Throughout the set everyone barked out the lyrics to the songs and the room was electric – it was intense and best of all it was a lot of fun.” What started out as one ‘reunion’ with Nunzio, Stone and longtime bass player Zum led to the band getting bigger and better and reignited more interest in Thou Shalt Not Kill than ever.

Enter Bridge Nine Records: owner and hardcore enthusiast Chris Wrenn was at the Agnostic Front 25th Anniversary show in NYC in February 2010 and had the opportunity to show off the AF/B9 re-release collaboration to Antidote. Chris pitched the idea to Drew to do the same for Antidote and a partnership was made. Wrenn said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill is one of the most important hardcore records of all time. The songs on that record are timeless and I knew that I wanted to expose a whole new generation of fans to Antidote, but still do the re-release justice so the old fans would be excited as well.” Nunzio went on to say, “For Antidote, there was never any question about what label we wanted to be on – the attention to detail and the respect it garners from the community made Bridge Nine the only choice for us. We are very excited to be involved with the label, they do it right.”

Finally after all these years Thou Shalt Not Kill will get a proper release on August 24, 2010 from Bridge Nine Records and will be made available on CD, 7 inch and digital formats. The packaging will be kept original with updated liner notes from Robb Nunzio himself. Drew Stone continued, “Sometimes I just can’t believe that it’s 2010 and Antidote is playing great shows to a whole new generation of wildly enthusiastic kids. The interest in the band is unbelievable. We are pretty blessed right about now and don’t think that we don’t know it. Something about being a little older now and having lived a few lives makes us really appreciate the situation.”

Antidote will be playing some upcoming shows in support of the Thou Shalt Not Kill re-release including a special show in Boston as part of the “Gallery East Reunion Show” on Aug. 29th. DYS, Jerry’s Kids, FU’s and Gang Green will also be playing as well as Soul Control, Refuse Resist and The Revilers. Stay tuned to for more information on Antidote as it happens.

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