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Cave In joins Relapse; new album coming

Posted in Labels on July 24, 2021

Relapse Records has added Cave In to the label roster, with plans to reveal a new album from the Massachusetts-based group in 20220.

In a press release the band says:

Cave In and Relapse have been on each other’s radar since the early days, when we’d visit Philly on a regular basis to play shows. They’ve witnessed our wild trajectory as a band firsthand, and having that historical connection with such a powerfully eclectic label is really something special. Massive thanks to everyone at Relapse for honoring our catalog, while fueling the incentive to create new music and continue onward.

Originally comprised of  Stephen Brodsky, Adam McGrath, Caleb Scofield, and John-Robert Conners, the band lost Scofield to a car crash, which inspired a run of benefit shows with Nate Newton (Old Man Gloom) on bass. The band released Final Transmission in 2019 and, just recently, has reissued their back catalog on digital platforms as well.

Summer Years to join ENCI

Posted in Labels on July 12, 2021

San Diego, CA pop-punk group Summer Years has announced an upcoming EP on new label home, ENCI Records. The still-to-come EP will be titled You Can't Live There Forever and was recorded throughout the pandemic, with production by Adam Sisco, Chris Szczech & Mike Liorti, and mixing by Chris Lord Alge and Steve Rizun.   … Read more

The Muslims join Epitaph

Posted in Labels on July 11, 2021

Epitaph Records has announced the addition of Durham's The Muslims to the label's lineup. The band was originally formed in 2017 and has three albums and an EP to their name already, sharing a new single which is quite titled "Fuck These Fuckin Fascists" and gets its point across quite clearly in … Read more

Lockjaw Records announces Black Lives Matter charity comp

Posted in Labels on July 1, 2021

UK-based label Lockjaw Records will release a fundraising compilation for Black Lives Matter on August 27, with 13 bands announced at present, including Drones, La Armada, Belvedere, Straightline, Edward in Venice, and more. All profits will go to Black Minds Matter Charity (UK) and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (US) … Read more

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Keeled Scales partners with Polyvinyl

Posted in Labels on May 29, 2021

Record labels Polyvinyl Record Co. and Keeled Scales have anounced a partnership. Through the deal, Polyvinyl now owns an equity stake in Keeled Scales, which remains independent but with additional resources. As the press release puts it, "which will allow the two labels to work together while Keeled Scales retains … Read more

The Linda Lindas sign to Epitaph

Posted in Labels on May 27, 2021

Viral sensations The Linda Lindas have signed with Epitaph. The band, who struck social media with their live recording of "Racist, Sexist Boy" filmed at the L.A. Public Library features four young females from the LA area, ranging from 10 to 16 years-old and pull from punk, grunge, Riot Grrl, … Read more

Vagrant Records is now 25 years old

Posted in Labels on May 23, 2021

Founded in 1996 with the release of the West x North-South 5 x 7” boxset (featuring Face To Face, Samiam, Tilt, Seaweed, and more), Vagrant Records is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. To mark the accomplishment, the label has announced several vinyl reissues this Record Store Day, has joined Bandcamp … Read more

Sam Russo and The Lillingtons: new material from each

Posted in Labels on May 2, 2021

Red Scare Industries has shared news of two new EPs. First, The Lillingtons are back with Can Anybody Hear Me? (A Tribute To Enemy You) on April 30, a tribute to the late David Jones. Chris Matulich (Enemy You/Nothington) handled layout and design of the record. Second, Sam Russo has followed … Read more

Mental Cavity plans Mass Rebel Infest on Creator-Destructor

Posted in Labels on May 1, 2021

Creator-Destructor Records has shared news of a new label signee, Mental Vacity from Canberra, Australia. The crossover mental/hardcore band will release its third album, Mass Rebel Infest, on the label later this spring -- official release date still TBA. Mass Rebel Infest was written and recorded in 2020 and follows Neuro Seige, … Read more

Sad Park to release on Lauren Records

Posted in Labels on April 17, 2021

Lauren Records has shared news that Sad Park will release an album with the label later this year. The Los Angeles-based band plays peppy and anthemic punk in the vein of Jeff Rosenstock. Get a taste below. Read more Read more

Volar updates

Posted in Labels on March 7, 2021

After a quiet 2020, Volar Records announced two new releases to kick things off in 2021. The label, which did release the 20-artist Presence not Absence: A Benefit Compilation for Trans BIPOC Housing Assistance last year follows with these: A full-length debut LP by The Passengers called Under the Cruel Light, and … Read more

Suzi Moon solo

Posted in Labels on February 20, 2021

Pirates Press Records has announced that Suzi Moon, formerly of Civet and Turbulent Hearts, has joined the roster, planning to release a digital single called "Special Place in Hell" on April 2 and an EP later in spring. Read more "She writes her own music, is a vibrant, charismatic, and … Read more

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones join Hellcat with "The Final Parade"

Posted in Labels on January 30, 2021

Originally formed in 1983, The Might Mighty Bosstones are back with some 2021 news, that they have joined with Hellcat Records. The band announced the news with a video for a new song, "The Final Parade" (below), a nearly 8-minute song with guest appearanced by notables from the ska-punk scene: … Read more

New Panopticon and additional Bindrune news

Posted in Labels on January 23, 2021

Bindrune Recordings has shared a wealth of 2021 news. Up first, Panopticon will soon release a new 70-minute full-length titled ...And Against into the Light. Watch a video from the new record here. Additional upcoming releases include a self-titled album from Nemorous, a 5-song release by Tvaer, and new Nechochwen … Read more

Goner to release Michael Beach

Posted in Labels on January 21, 2021

Goner Records hannounced plans to release the next Michael Beach album. Titled Dream Violence, the new LP hits the streets on March 19. Beach is an Australian musician with three previous albums to his name. A new video is out now, "De Facto Blues”, which is shared below and gives a taste … Read more

6131 takes on Rat Tally

Posted in Labels on January 16, 2021

Chicago musicial Rat Tally has joined 6131 Records and, as of yesterday, released a new single "Shrug" on the new label hom. With a style described as alternately straight forward and poetic, Rat Tally previously self-released an EP named When You Wake Up, leading to 6131 taking notice. Listen to the … Read more

New Good Friend and other Red Scare updates

Posted in Labels on January 9, 2021

Irish punks Good Friend have a new EP out now called The Erin Rose EP. Vive le Rock premiered a video already. Additional label news comes about some 2021 plans, namely new releases from Fleau, an oi/streetpunk band from France, due in March, and a Lillingtons covers EP that may be their last … Read more

Kill Rock Stars 30th anniversary celebrations

Posted in Labels on January 3, 2021

Kill Rock Stars is celebrating thirty years throughout 2021, kicking things off with a subscription-based covers series. Fans who subscribe will receive 30+ covers throughout the year, starting with Mary Lou Lord and Mikaela Davis performing "Song Song," originally by Elliott Smith. Additional artists will include Mike Watt and The … Read more

30 years of Relapse sampler

Posted in Labels on December 24, 2020

Rerlapse Records has just shared an expansive sampler of the label's catalog, just in time for xmas. The sampler includes over 200 songs from the band's thirty years in business, including from Death, Pig Destroyer, Neurosis, Torche and more. Take a look here. Read more

Terminal Bliss through Relapse

Posted in Labels on December 4, 2020

Terminal Bliss from Richmond, VA has signed with Relapse Records. The band, featuring brothers Chris (vocals) and Mike Taylor (guitar), plus drummer Ryan Parrish and bassist Adam Juresko, formed last year and quickly recorded a debut record. If the names are familiar, the musicians have played with Pg. 99, Pygmy Lush, Darkest Hour, … Read more