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SIGE early 2018 releases

Posted by Spyros Stasis on January 15, 2018

SIGE early 2018 releases
SIGE early 2018 releases

Extreme experimental label SIGE is releasing collaborative works featuring Nick Yacyshyn, Brian Sepanzyk, House of Low Culture, Daniel Menche, Caustic Touch, EMS, Keiji Haino and SUMAC. Visit their website for more information.

Nick Yacyshyn & Brian Sepanzyk - Compulsion OST

Score for the film Compulsion composed by SUMAC/Baptists drummer Nick Yacyhsyn and Waingro guitarist/vocalist Brian Sepanzyk, this bleak journey through harsh synths and acoustic guitars is the perfect accompaniment for Sepanzyk's horror film. The cassette release is already out, and a digital version is on the way. The cassette is limited to 75 copies housed is full color printed sleeve and jewel case.

House of Low Culture/Daniel Menche/Caustic Touch/EMS - 4 Way Split

Featuring four heavyweights of experimental music, this new four way split is the perfect trip for anyone that enjoys towering drones, elusive soundscapes, textural motifs and relentless noise. It also features the first new material from House of Low Culture (Aaron Turner, Faith Coloccia) in four years. The record is housed in a sleeve with photography by Menche and design from Coloccia. Originally released by Accident Prone Records. 

Keiji Haino/SUMAC - American Dollar Bill - Keep Facing Sideways, You Are too Hideous to Look at Face on

Super limited edition of 6 copies, these are the test pressings housed in jackets painted by A. Turner. As you can imagine these have been sold out, so you can just despair over them.  The album is to be released on the 23rd of February from Thrill Jockey.


SIGE early 2018 releases
SIGE early 2018 releases

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