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New book on Lookout Records' history

Posted Feb. 12, 2015, 12:39 p.m. in Music News by Loren
New book on Lookout Records' history

Microcosm Publishing has released Punk USA - The Rise and Fall of Lookout Records. The book is a historical look at the influential California label that first signed Green Day, Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, and many more before ultimately dismantling in the late 1990s. It is authored by Kevin Prested, who wrote for the official Lookout Records blog and website.

Back in 2012, SPB had a conversation with the label's founder Larry Livermore.


1. Laytonville, The Lookouts and the early days
2. Chris Appelgren
3. Stikky, Plaid Retina and Sewer Trout
4. .Mordam Records, Yeastie Girlz
5. Operation Ivy, The Thing That Ate Floyd
6. Green Day, The Lookouts and David Hayes
8. Livermore, Appelgren and Hynes
9. Fifteen, Green Day and Al Sobrante
11. The Shit Split and Can of Pork
12. Kerplunk, Backwater Boys and a 5th
13. 1991 : The year of the Weasel
14. New romances, New bands, New Classics
15. The Queers, Queercore, & the new Lookout
16. The pre punk explosion, label departures
17. Green Day Leaves, Lookout Expands
20. Weasel Vs Vapid
21. Larry's new band, Downfall, Sweet Baby
23. Cathy Bauer & the MTX Starship
24. The Riverdales & other new arrivals
27. Weasel Vs Livermore, Lookout Record Store, The Smugglers and the Queers hit Japan
28. Furious George VS Lookout, Music Videos
29. Larry leaves, Ernst VS Green Day.
30. Samplers and the revenge of Furious George
32. The Donnas, 10 Year Anniversary
34. Lookout's 'Nero' and a Queers Casualty.
35. The Avengers, The Donna's get skintight
37. Disappointments, Departures and divorces
38. Panic Button cashes out

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