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Anthology of Emo: Volume 2 announced

Posted July 8, 2020, 7:55 p.m. in Music News by Loren
Anthology of Emo: Volume  2 announced

photo by Loren Green

Podcaster Tom Mullen has announced a follow-up to 2017's Anthology of Emo Volume 1, titled Volume 2, is available for preorder now with a first pressing paperback due in September. Additionally, the sold-out Volume 1will be reprinted (and sold is package deals with the new edition).

Volume 2 collects interviews with Tim Kasher (Cursive), Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World), Chris Conley (Saves the Day), Bob Nanna (Braid), and final interview with Jon Bunch (Sense Field), among others. 

Hit the jump for the specifics.

Volume 2 features Interviews with:

Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World)

Jon Bunch (Sense Field / Further Seems Forever / Lucky Scars / War Generation / Reason to Believe)

Chris Conley (Saves the Day)

Geoff Farina (Karate / Exit Verse)

Tim Kasher (Cursive / The Good Life)

Trevor Kelley (Stop Breathing / Alternative Press / Spin / Everybody Hurts / Myspace)

Conor Murphy (Foxing / Smidley)

Bob Nanna (Braid / Hey Mercedes)

Travis Shettel (Piebald)

Leslie Simon (Alternative Press / Everybody Hurts / Wish You Were Here / Geek Girls Unite)


Volume 1 features Interviews with:

Dan Didier & Davey Von Bohlen (The Promise Ring / Maritime / Vermont)

Norman Brannon (Texas Is the Reason / New End Original / Shelter)

Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional / Further Seems Forever / Twin Forks / Vacant Andys)

Mike Kinsella (American Football / Owen / Cap'n Jazz / Joan of Arc / Owls / The One Up Downstairs / Their/They're/There)

Chris Leo (The Van Pelt / The Lapse / Native Nod / Vague Angels)

Caithlin De Marrais, Kaia Fischer & William Kuehn (Rainer Maria)

Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids / The New Amsterdams / The Terrible Twos / Radar State)

Eric Richter (Christie Front Drive / Antarctica / The 101 / Golden City)

Blair Shehan (Knapsack / The Jealous Sound / Racquet Club)

Chris Simpson (Mineral / The Gloria Record / Zookeeper / Mountain Time)

Visit the anthology website for pre-order info.

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