News Records SPB Premiere: "Reach (Special Release)" by AWES

SPB Premiere: "Reach (Special Release)" by AWES

Posted June 23, 2019, 8:44 p.m. in Records by Andy
SPB Premiere: "Reach (Special Release)" by AWES

As I explained to a friend a few years back, experimental music is fun because, by its very nature, it can encompass almost, and indeed literally, anything.  On one hand, there's experimental music that's too "out there," provoking an "Emperor’s New Clothes" type of response in many listeners since they would be unfamiliar with, and likely confused by, the sounds and moods presented.  On the other hand, there are artists taking generally familiar elements and utilizing them in ways that aren't quite in line with what one would typically expect to find in more mainstream music.  

"Reach" by Los Angeles-based group AWES comes across as a nice demonstration of the latter category.  Originally released in mid-2018, the track delivers sections that, for me, recall both the hazy psychedelia of '70s Pink Floyd and playful rock of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips.  Warbling organ is featured as much as guitar in the instrumental breaks, the track eventually culminating in a finale that seems to convey a sense of purpose and quiet determination.  Containing frequent rhythmic changeups and a sense of mood that runs the gamut from being punchy to downright blissful, "Reach" aims to inspire thought and self-reflection in the listener, a repeated lyric of "Think for yourself" seeming all too relevant in today's day and age.

Find AWES on YoutubeReverbNation, or the band's website, and check out a special version of "Reach", extended and remixed for inclusion on the upcoming release of the same name, below.

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