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SPB exclusive: Can This Be It?? 4-band split stream

Posted in Records on July 1, 2021

There is no single way to make music, or to release it for that matter. At Scene Point Blank we feature a new record (nearly) each month, but some are full-lengths of new material, some are EPs, some collect old material, and some are compilations. There are so many ways to do it. So many ways to keep making, releasing and enjoying music.

This time around we have a four-band split with a common theme throughout Can This Be It??, a Wet Cassettes limited releasing compiling material by Too Late, BatShit, Let Me Sleep, and Scratched, all recorded between 2008 t0 2018. There’s a connective tissue through all four bands that leads almost directly to the formation of Wet Cassettes.

Rather than recap it, let’s get it straight from the source, as written by lead heads Nick Hertzberg and Billy Applegate:

Can This Be It?? is Wet Cassettes' second compilation of 2021 and features four bands our co-founder, Billy Applegate, was involved in from 2008 until 2018. These albums have floated around on various CD-Rs, junk cassettes, and YouTube videos for years, but here they are collected and officially seeing the light of day for the first time. We offer these songs up to you to not only serve as an archive but to be able to see where we have progressed.

Listen below:

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This album shows us that in life we're stuck in the passenger seat of a car driven by our art, our ego, our aspirations, and don't get too much time to rubberneck at our accidents or successes before moving onto the next. At the end of the day, we are left with a shitty, coffee stained map and no GPS as our only tools to figure out where we are going and what to do. We're left to discover and address a question which we must ask ourselves as we drive forward in creating and consuming to seemingly no end: Can This Be It??

The record releases on July 16, with preorders available now. The physical release is limited to just 15 tapes and each comes with an exclusive live Too Late set too. If you’d like to know more about the bands, keep reading as Billy shares some memories on each.

Before PARCH or Billy and the Bad Peach or Wet Cassettes, there was TOO LATE. We were a band from 2008 to 2018 on and off but mostly on. We recorded three times and every time, each recording would fully be done in a day. Everyone that ever played in Too Late was completely out of their mind, depressed, and pissed off. We played hundreds of shows through NJ and PA, lots of crazy house shows. We were never the cool guys and played by our own rules. PineyStyle.

BatShit was a band that started because me and Edgar (now of School Drugs) were listening to nothing but early screamo every day and night. I lived in a shell of a house that was the old office for a marine that my then friend's father owned. The wind ripped through the house like there were no walls at all. We found a drummer that Edgar knew and I had asked an old friend to play guitar. We recorded in the said house and then the drummer tried to fight my friends at my birthday party. 2014 was the beginning and end of the band.

Let Me Sleep was a product of hanging out with a few friends that were much younger than I am. We would sit in Wawa parking lots all night long every night drinking coffee with me showing them old screamo bands. We recorded directly to a laptop just sitting in the middle of the room that we put sweatshirts over so it would muffle the sound. The band lasted a few weeks in 2011. Young kids.

Scratched was a band that started because Antwonn (now of Billy and the Bad Peach) wanted to be a cowboy. Chris wanted to play NY hardcore punk and Kevin just wanted to slap the bass. Scratched recorded and then fell apart as fast as it started. I loved getting Chinese from the shitty place across the street from Antwonn’s apartment in Philly. Long rides in 2016 down route 70.

On July 16, in addition to Can This Be It??, Wet Cassettes also releases new material from Tourists, Agruvzi, and I Felt Alright About It x Bombyx Mori.


Pictured: Too Late’s final show in 2018. Photo by Nick Hertzberg.

New Thrice Album Is On The Horizon

Posted in Records on July 26, 2021

Thrice will release their new album, Horizons/East, through Epitaph Records on September 17th for digital platforms and October 8th for physical. You can stream their new single, "Scavengers" HERE. The record was recorded and self-produced by the band at their own New Grass Studio and mixed by Scott Evans. The … Read more

Expanded Ruminations of Conor Oberst

Posted in Records on July 25, 2021

As of Friday July 23, an expanded edition of Conor Oberst’s Ruminations is now available on all formats via Nonesuch Records. The record, originally released in 2016 as Oberst's first solo album, now includes five bonus tracks and an etching on side D of the double LP. It was initially released … Read more

Actors' Acts of Worship

Posted in Records on July 25, 2021

Actors will return on Oct. 1 with a new album called Acts Of Worship, releasing via Artoffact Records. The Vancouver-based band has shared a single called "Only Lonely" now to showcase the new record (watch a video bellow, inspired by Natural Born Killers and starring model Rachel Rampage and musician Justin … Read more

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Sam Johnson (Choke Up) solo

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Coma Scale presents Sirens

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Hexa returns (Lawrence English + Jamie Stewart)

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Melvins unplugged

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The always-active, always-changing Melvins have announced a new acoustic collection, Five Legged Dog, coming Oct. 15 via Ipecac Recordings. The new collection features 36 songs in total, with a mix of Melvins classics and cover songs. “I knew I wanted to do something ridiculously big,” Buzz Osborne says of his group … Read more

New Heiress song, new Heiress album to come

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Total Recall in 2021

Posted in Records on July 24, 2021

Formed in 2019 by hardcore and metal scene veterans, Italian hardcore band Total Recall has just released their debut full-length on 1054 Records. Titled Always Together, the album has 9 songs of traditionally-influenced, potent and powerful hardcore. Listen to "Seas Of Illusion": Read more Read more

Wang Wen's 11th album

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Wang Wen will release their eleventh studio album, 100,000 Whys, on Sept. 24 courtesy of Pelagic Records. The post-rock band from China had initially planned to record the album in St. Petersburg, Russia before the pandemic caused them to reverse course, instead recording the album in their rehearsal space in their … Read more

A new Raging Nathans 7-inch

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Self-reflective Virginity

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The Real Minx - the complete recordings on vinyl

Posted in Records on July 24, 2021

Active in the 1990s, Sympathy For The Record Industry will release a double 7" Complete Recordings from The Real Minx, a southern California four-piece formed in 1994 and featuring Camille Rose Garcia, Paula Boldyn, Allie Gottlieb, and Lynn Hobensack. The members went on to play with The Angoras, The Heels, The … Read more

Pixies' Trompe Le Monde: 30th anniversary repress

Posted in Records on July 21, 2021

Originally released on Sept. 23, 21991, the Pixies Trompe Le Monde will be reissued on limited marbled green vinyl on Sept. 24, 2021 via 4AD. Trompe Le Monde was the final studio release featuring the original lineup, prior to their breakup and later reformation. The current lineup will be on … Read more

Iron Maiden sets release date

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Having shared an animated video for "The Writing On The Wall" last week, Iron Maiden has followed it up with news of their 17th studio album, titled Senjustu and scheduled for release on Sept. 3. It is the band's first record in six years and will be released on BMG. The … Read more

Experience Deathsomnia

Posted in Records on July 18, 2021

On Sept. 3 the world will see a new Deathsomnia, the group’s third record overall, named You Will Never Find Peace. The UK/Europe-based darkwave three-piece mix dystopian punk concepts with industrial effects and wide-ranging raw emotion. The band is comprised of Kadri Sammel (Bedless Bones), Richard Powley (Telepathy) and Bruno … Read more

New from Dare

Posted in Records on July 18, 2021

Orange County, CA’s Dare will release their debut album on August 20 via Revelation Records. The new record is titled Against All Odds and the band shared a new track this week called “Hard To Cope,” which gives a taste of their style and also features a guest appearance from … Read more

Seafoam Walls share a new song

Posted in Records on July 18, 2021

For yesterday’s Record Store Day events, Seafoam Walls have shared a new single called “Dependency”, released via The Daydream Library Series. The band is also planning a full-length later this year. Seafoam Walls, based in Florida, plays a hybrid style of music, coining their sound as  “Caribbean Jazzgaze,” pulling from … Read more