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Video Premiere - "Real to Reel" by 310AM

Video Premiere - "Real to Reel" by 310AM

Photo by Daniel Birkholz

Formed as singer and multi-instrumentalist Nate Erickson’s previous project, After Hours Radio, was winding down, Michigan-based indie project 310AM has a sound and overall sense of sincerity that hearkens back to the alternative and emo music of the early 2000s. After releasing a pair of singles over the past half year or so, 310AM is now presenting its third single entitled “Real to Reel,” about which Erickson says:

“To me, this song was a way to reflect on how separation can affect a relationship. I think Marian did a beautiful job capturing that vibe with her animation. “Real to Reel” is one of those songs that just came together out of nowhere. All of the guitar parts and melodies came to me real quickly in a way that I find impossible to recreate intentionally. Those moments are the reason I love music.”

Premiering below is the video for “Real to Reel” which combines animated elements with live-action backgrounds. I can relate to the video’s depiction of those moments of reflection that seem to be the almost inevitable byproduct of spending time riding public transportation, with the visuals nicely accentuating the song’s warm, heartfelt vibe.

“Real to Reel” releases on streaming platforms this Friday, April 10th, and 310AM can be found on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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SPB exclusive: Sorespot - Gifts of Consciousness

SPB exclusive: Sorespot - Gifts of Consciousness

Sorespot - Gifts of Consciousness

The latest featured stream at Scene Point Blank comes from Sorespot. Titled Gifts of Consciousness, the record releases on April 3 on Midnight Werewolf Records and showcases distorted, harsh pop on the surface with subtle melodies that peak through the feedback.

The Chicago, IL quartet released the album between 2017-2019 with a simple theme:

After finally getting everything tracked after various member changes, we are all ready to share this record with the world. It's concept is simple; witness and acknowledge the things wrong in your life, and move on from them peacefully with confidence. The title itself was taken from an interview with someone who had died, and was then brought back. Gifts of Consciousness to me means that everything, whether good or bad, is a gift to your consciousness to help you learn and grow. Lyrically we mostly fixate on situations that bring us anger or discomfort, although there are also songs that incorporate feeling thankful or finally understanding a situation we went through. No matter what we write about though, we try to end it with optimism. The song "Meet You" though, that song is specifically about meeting Big Foot and becoming buds with it.

Listen here:

Order the record now from Midnight Werewolf.

photo by Sorespot

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KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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Records Barren's Penumbra

Posted April 9, 2020, 7:55 p.m.

Barren's Penumbra

photo by Erika Larsson

The debut full-length from post-rock group Barrens is streaming now via Ghost Cult Magazine. Titled Penumbra, the record releases this Friday on Pelagic Records. Describes as a mix of the dark and light sides of ...

Records Vincas share a new song, new album to come

Posted April 9, 2020, 5:06 p.m.

Vincas share a new song, new album to come

photo by Loren Green

Vincas are back with their third LP on May 29, 2020. Titled Phantasma, it will release on Learning Curve Records. The Athens, GA-based post-punk group last released Depp in the Well in 2016, though they ...

Records 1996 in 2020 (Skapocalypse Meow)

Posted April 8, 2020, 5:50 p.m.

1996 in 2020 (Skapocalypse Meow)

Skapocalypse Meow - 1996

Paper + Plastick Records has teamed up with Skapocalypse Meow on the release of 1996, a ska-punk fuelled record -- all proceeds of which will go to One Fair Wage, an organization to provide financial assistance to ...

KFAI - Root Of All Evil

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Records The Reflectors set for May 29

Posted April 8, 2020, 5:19 p.m. in Records by Loren

The Reflectors set for May 29

On May 29, Burger Records will release First Impression, the latest album from the LA, CA power-pop group The Reflectors. The record will be issued ...

First Impression Track Listing:
1 - Act a Fool 
2 - Teenage Hearts 
3 - Attraction 
4 - Situation Critical 
5 - Champagne 
6 - Storm and Thunder 
7 - Baby It’s You 
8 - Break Me Down 
9 - It’s Alright 
10 - U Should Be My Girl 
11 - Caught Me Off Guard 

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Records Aesop Rock video game OST + 10-inch

Posted April 7, 2020, 6:39 p.m. in Records by Loren

Aesop Rock video game OST + 10-inch

Aesop Rock has released a new video game soundtrack to space shooter Freedom Fighter. The project started as an instrumental soundtrack, with three full songs ...

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Records Drakulas' Terminal Amusements, out now

Posted April 5, 2020, 9:48 a.m. in Records by Loren

Drakulas' Terminal Amusements, out now

Drakulas - Terminal Amusements

Terminal Amusements, by Drakulas, was released this past Friday, April 3. The band features members of Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against, plus guest contributions from ...

We open on a wide-angle shot of what appears to be Times Square in the late-Seventies before Giuliani turned it into a Disneyland for tourists. The streets are teeming with back-alley deals, random acts of violence and seedy dive bars. This setting, which shall be known as The City, is the backdrop for Drakulas’ second full-length Terminal Amusements, titled after the illicit video game arcade where we find our protagonist. This isn’t a rock opera exactly, but it is a teenage wasteland. “It's a made-up world that’s an amalgam of old New York movies that I saw when I was a little kid,” Drakulas’ frontman Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers, High Tension Wires) explains. “I’d never been to New York so my perception of the place was influenced by everything from ‘The Warriors’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ to the opening credits of ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’.”

Terminal Amusements is released by Dine Alone Records.

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Records A new double album from IIVII

Posted April 5, 2020, 9:02 a.m. in Records by Loren

A new double album from IIVII

Josh Graham-led experimental ambent project IIVII is bac with a double album titled Grinding Teeth/Zero Sleep on April 10. Consouling Sounds will release the ...

GRINDING TEETH1. Crystalline Beasts2. Disappearing Self3. Bell Ringer4. Sing Your Death Song5. Coda. Ascending Ardor6. Wrapped in Linen7. Afterglow (Little Black and White Things)
Kim Thayil – Guitar on Disappearing SelfSarah Pendleton – Violin on Crystalline Beasts and AfterglowJo Quail – Cello on Disappearing Self, Sing Your Death Song and Ascending ArdorDana Schechter – Lap steel guitar on Sing Your Death SongGregory Simons – Drums on Crystalline Beasts. Percussion on Bell Ringer and Afterglow. Keys on Afterglow.Billy Graves – Drums on Sing Your Death SongShane Ocell – Drums on AfterglowBenjamin Weinman – Guitar on Afterglow
ZERO SLEEP1. All of Us Refugees2. Mirrorlike3. This Chrysalis4. Sun and Solace5. White Light6. Beginning7. Sleeping Dreaming8. Coalescing Bodies9. Bliss

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Records Springtime Wreath

Posted April 4, 2020, 2:42 p.m. in Records by Loren

Springtime Wreath

photo by Dave Decker

Formed last year and based in central Florida, Wreak will release a self-titled debut LP on New Granada Records next month. The band features former ...

s/t EP by Wreath

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Records Last Note on YouTube

Posted April 4, 2020, 11:48 a.m. in Records by Loren

Last Note on YouTube

photo by Chris Goyette

Insturmental post-hardcore band Last Note is sharing their upcoming EP on YouTube. The band, which also draws influence from punk, hardcore, and progressive metal, will ...

Track list:

Yggdrasil -
Mad 2.0 -
Arrival -
Cold Comfort -

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Records New LP from Umbra Vitae

Posted April 4, 2020, 10:51 a.m. in Records by Loren

New LP from Umbra Vitae

Umbra Vitae - Shadow of Life

The ferocious Umbra Vitae has announced a full-length album called Shadow of Life, set for a May 1 release on Deathwish Inc. The band features ...

Shadow of Life track listing:
1. Decadence Dissolves2. Ethereal Emptiness3. Atheist Aesthetic4. Mantra of Madness5. Fear is a Fossil6. Polluted Paradise7. Intimate Inferno8. Return to Zero9. Blood Blossom10. Shadow of Life Umbra Vitae is:
Jacob Bannon: Vocals, Lyrics (Converge, Wear Your Wounds, Blood From the Soul)Mike McKenzie: Guitars, Vocals (The Red Chord, Wear Your Wounds, Stomach Earth)Sean Martin: Guitars, Vocals (ex-Hatebreed, Wear Your Wounds, Twitching Tongues)Greg Weeks: Bass (The Red Chord, Labor Hex, etc)Jon Rice: Drums (ex-Job for a Cowboy, Uncle Acid, etc)

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