News Records SPB Premiere - "State and Perish" by Shadow People

SPB Premiere - "State and Perish" by Shadow People

SPB Premiere - "State and Perish" by Shadow People

A sense of tension and unease pervades Batom Rouge, the upcoming third release (following 2017’s Pharamoans and the following year’s Secrets) from Baton Rouge trio Shadow People. Describing their sound as being “emotional sludge core,” the band combines despairing lyrics and intense vocal delivery with punchy instrumental parts and a healthy dose of noise.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the title’s reference to their hometown, the new EP features tracks tackling issues affecting the Louisiana capital including substance abuse and overwhelmed levees – a topic the band would know a thing or two about having experienced the floods that have besieged the city in the past number of years – and throws in a few choice sound samples to boot. Premiering below, it’s album track “State and Perish,” whose name is an interesting play on words considering Louisiana administrative geography, about which vocalist/guitarist Matt Conradi says, “I hope that levee breaks AND WASH AWAY!”

The band has upcoming shows in Baton Rouge (on March 7th for the album release) and Memphis, and the new EP can be preordered here.

Upcoming shows:
March 7th Woodshop Baton Rouge, LA
March 28th P&Hcafe Memphis, TN
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