News Records Video Premiere - "Clean" by Lowfaith

Video Premiere - "Clean" by Lowfaith

Posted July 28, 2020, 11:26 a.m. in Records by Andy Armageddon
Video Premiere - "Clean" by Lowfaith

Propulsive and compelling, “Earth Falls Quiet, Heaven & Hell Sing” from Denver-based quintet Lowfaith presents five tracks that range from being warm and even hopeful to conveying a sense of immediacy and desperation. Though not as aggressively noisy as some of the classic shoegaze albums, the band certainly treads in that sort of sonic territory, and I found that this release brought to mind some of my favorites of the genre.

Discussing the album’s second track and accompanying music video, the band says this:

"Clean is one of our favorite songs from the EP collectively. It marks our first concerted effort to write something a bit lighter and more fun than we had really done before, with an intro aimed to replicate those cool back to back guitar playing moments that will never not be cool as hell. As a result, our first real love song was born, dedicated to finding a person who brings a calm over you when it feels like your world is ending. The video for this came kind of by surprise, as we had an unexpected opportunity to shoot it in collaboration with our friend Micah Schultz and Colorado Springs based production company Eddy Sound, who set us up in their warehouse and designed some incredible lighting looks to fit our audio and Micah's visual ideas from the song. We really hope you can find something in this for yourselves."

“Earth Falls Quiet, Heaven & Hell Sing” releases on August 7th via Flesh and Bone Records and can be preordered here for the tape release and here for a bundle including the tape plus a book and shirt. All proceeds from the release benefit the Family of Elijah McClain GoFundMe. Dig the music and visuals and see what you can find in the video premiere of “Clean” below.


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