News Records Video Premiere - "My Mother's Mother" By SAND Co.

Video Premiere - "My Mother's Mother" By SAND Co.

Posted Aug. 12, 2020, 12:13 p.m. in Records by Andy
Video Premiere - "My Mother's Mother" By SAND Co.

Built around the guitar work and delicate vocals of Ben Sandrock, German collective SAND Co.’s Forever Laying Down finds the songwriter joined by a quintet of musicians who help transform the tunes into more fully developed compositions replete with warm organ and synths. The end result is eight expressive tracks that are imbued with a laid back and gorgeously hazy sort of vibe. Working through stripped down sections as well as some more dramatic – even loud - moments, it’s simply a nice record to spend some time with.

Premiering here is the music video for arguably the album’s most heart-wrenching track, “My Mother’s Mother.” Asked about the track, Sandrock relates the following emotionally powerful story:


“I wrote 'My Mother’s Mother' [as] I reflected upon the death of my grandma. I was very sad when she passed and thought about the last time I visited her. My grandma had a brain tumor and in the end lost the ability to speak or read. One could tell that she was still able understanding what was said but couldn’t express herself. She loved reading though and my mom was reading a novel to her and she made my granny promise that she would be there until they finished it. The last time we visited my Grandma wasn’t conscious anymore. So my mother sat at her bed. The novel in her hand. Saying good bye to her mother. I was just a bystander and it hit me hard just how tough it must be. Saying goodbye to your mother. That’s what the song is about.

I didn’t tell my mom that I wrote a song about that night and when she saw the title of the song on Spotify, she wrote down the lyrics the best she could and put it into Google Translate. She send me a text saying that she wept and that she loves the song. I think that’s why 'My Mothers Mother' is my favorite song on my record.”

Check out the video below, and head over to Friends Club Records to pick up Forever Laying Down.


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