News Records Video Premiere - "Clock Without Hands" by R.E. Seraphin

Video Premiere - "Clock Without Hands" by R.E. Seraphin

Posted Sept. 17, 2020, 1:14 p.m. in Records by Andy
Video Premiere - "Clock Without Hands" by R.E. Seraphin

A Room Forever. That’s kind of what 2020 has felt like at times. I know there was a period where I grew damn sick of sitting around in a single room for days on end and honestly, still don’t venture out too much. Despite its challenges, 2020 has presented an opportunity for artists, if so inclined, to really dig in and produce. In the case of Bay Area musician R.E. Seraphin, previously the frontman for The Talkies, the time appears to have been fruitful, as he’s now prepping for the release of his second offering of the year, A Room Forever, following up debut Tiny Shapes which was released in March.

Listening through the tracks on this pair of releases, I was reminded of many things. For the most part, the albums contain pleasantly low key pop rock tunes, but I found myself being reminded at times of the sort of vaguely dreamy music put out by the likes of Sarah Records, classic punk, and even the ‘80s rock tunes I jammed out to on vinyl as a kid. In the case of A Room Forever, I also found it pretty impressive that the whole thing meshed as well as it did since Seraphin’s instrumental and vocal parts were filled out into more substantive pieces with the help of remotely-recorded musicians.

Premiering here is the nifty music video for A Room Forever’s opening track, “Clock Without Hands.” Check out the video below and head over to Mt. St. Mountain to preorder the 12” EP, which ships in early October. Paisley Shirt Records will also be reissuing a casette release. 

KFAI - Roar of the Underground
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