News Records Video Premiere - "Hope Like the Ocean" by Bares His Teeth

Video Premiere - "Hope Like the Ocean" by Bares His Teeth

Posted Sept. 22, 2020, 12:11 p.m. in Records by Andy
Video Premiere - "Hope Like the Ocean" by Bares His Teeth

The current world environment has allowed many things to happen, some not so good, and some optimistic. I recall a dialogue I saw online back in the early days of the pandemic that essentially said publishers should get ready for a flood of manuscripts due to creative types being shut in and having a lot of time to create. Post-hardcore group Bares His Teeth came about as a product of our current, uncertain times. Featuring former & current members of band such as Eso-Charis, Dead To Fall, Living Sacrifice, Lovedrug, Norma Jean, NTVTY, SPACESHIPS, Subsist, and Unwed Sailor, the group is currently working on their debut, set for release in early 2021, and has contributed “Hope Like the Ocean,” which releases on digital platforms this Thursday, September 24th, to the Friends Club Records compilation On Second Thought, which also features material from the likes of The New & Very Welcome, Virginity, Curtail and more.

Many moons ago, as a film student at a community college in Pennsylvania, I was attempting to explore the limits of what the film medium could offer. The college had a film festival where my work was placed alongside those of students who were, by and large, making more narrative pieces which, though frequently amusing, weren’t particularly challenging. Watching the collage style lyric video for Bares His Teeth’s “Hope Like the Ocean” kind of reminds me of the film work I was trying to do. It has plenty of stark images and works to evoke certain kinds of feelings. It also has a panther. I can’t say no to that.

Dig the video below, and head over here to pick up the full compilation. The video may not pass the Harding Test, so just be warned. 100% of the proceeds from the compilation benefit Campaign Zero, an organization working to reduce police violence.

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