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SPB Premiere - "David" by Twin Foxes

Posted by Andy Armageddon on November 10, 2020

SPB Premiere - "David" by Twin Foxes
SPB Premiere - "David" by Twin Foxes

Over the past six years, Providence, Rhode Island group Twin Foxes has combined elements of shoegaze, punk, emo, and indie to develop their sound over the course of several releases. This winter, the band is releasing a new album on Midnight Werewolf Records, about which vocalist/guitarist Jared Mann says: “The whole record, Broken Bell, kind of encapsulates a time of uncertainty.  In the band... trying to push through with less members, and also during a time where the world felt the same way.  There's a piece in 'You Are' that's from 7 years ago, 'Move out West' is from that same time period as well with newer parts layered on it.  It's a record made up of all these different moments and sessions throughout the band.  Collectively tied together, I think it tells a new story.  Very different from our other recordings that were done at the same time as a three-piece.”  

Featured here is album single “David,” a powerful track that, to me, seemed kind of perfect for this strange moment in history due to its compelling mixture of both downbeat and hopeful themes.

Mann has this to say about the track: “'David' was a song I wrote right after waking up from a dream.  The lyrics kind of just came to me and I wrote them down at 2am before I even had music.  It was a couple years ago when mental illness was in the forefront of the news and it finally became something people were more open to talk about.  In the song, David is someone that decides not to stick around... but not because of any particular damning event, it was more of a decision he came to after serious logical thought.  It made me think about how some people just want to be at peace, maybe even trying their odds at what comes after.  And even when you're gone, the world just keeps going.  People are affected, but the world still moves unflinching.  There's moments in the songs, where beauty is still happening amongst David's decision... even after he's gone.  

‘Watch the dust dance and sparkle in rays, of god’s powerful sun, how it brings a new day.  Shine bright on lakes and glisten on pine.  All over metallic things as you squint your eyes.  What monstrous steeples man creates for the hope of what he did
will not be forgotten’

For me, maybe it's just a reminder that though time persists, so does beauty.  How there's often silver linings even in dark times.  To me it's more of a hopeful thing.”

Dig the feels in the track below and head over here to explore the band’s releases.


SPB Premiere - "David" by Twin Foxes
SPB Premiere - "David" by Twin Foxes

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