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New from Orphan Donor

Posted by Loren on May 2, 2021

New from Orphan Donor
New from Orphan Donor

Orphan Donor, lead by Jared Stimpfl (Secret Cutter) on all instruments with Chris Pandolfo (Clouds Collide) on vocals, is back with a full-length LP titled Unraveled in June.

The project pulls from grind and screamo influenced from the turn of the century, with additional sounds seeping in throughout.

A lead single, “My Friend, The Hornet” is embedded below with preorder info available via the link.

Unraveled will release on June 11 via Zegema Beach Records.

Unraveled Track Listing:

1. Pendulum Grip
2. Death Exploit
3. Forever Unseen
4. Unraveling
5. You Were Alive
6. My Friend, The Hornet
7. Celestial Mourning

New from Orphan Donor
New from Orphan Donor

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