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Hope Drone and Downfall of Gaia in Europe

Posted by Loren on June 2, 2016

Hope Drone and Downfall of Gaia in Europe
Laiks Apstajies

Hope Drone, playing two dates with Deafheaven this week in Australia, will set off for a European tour with Downfall Of Gaia this August.

The band released Cloak of Ash last year on Relapse Records. Dates are below.

All Dates with Deafheaven

Jun 3 Melbourne, AU Corner Hotel

Jun 4 Brisbane, AU Crowbar

All Dates with Downfall of Gaia

Aug 21 Porto, PT Amplifest

Aug 23 Puget-Sur-Argens, FR Le Rat’s

Aug 24 Siegen, DE Vortex

Aug 25 Utrecht, NL DB’s

Aug 26 Hannover, DE Bei Chez Heinz

Aug 27 Stuttgart, DE Juha West

Aug 28 Saarbrucken, DE Kleine Garage

Aug 29 Frankfurt, DE Elfer Music Club

Aug 30 Mullheim, DE AZ

Aug 31 Erfurt, DE From Hell

Sept 1 Berlin, DE Tiefengrund

Sept 2 Hamburg, DE Hafenklang

Hope Drone and Downfall of Gaia in Europe
Laiks Apstajies

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