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AJJ tour dates in the new year

Posted by Loren on November 24, 2019

AJJ tour dates in the new year
photo by Loren Green

AJJ has announced a headlining tour where they'll be joined by Xiu Xiu, Tacocat, and Emperor X, this winter just after the Jan. 17 release of new album Good Luck, Everybody

Good Luck, Everybody is the band's seventh studio album. Tour dates are listed below.

track listing:

1. A Poem
2. Normalization Blues
3. Body Terror Song
4. Feedbag
5. No Justice, No Peace, No Hope
6. Mega Guillotine 2020
7. Loudmouth
8. Maggie
9. Psychic Warfare
10. Your Voice, as I Remember It
11. A Big Day for Grimley

AJJ tour dates in the new year
photo by Loren Green

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