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The first new video from Amenra

Posted by Loren on October 2, 2017

The first new video from Amenra
photo by Stefaan Temmerman

Amenra revealed a new song (in video format), "Children of the Eye" from their upcoming Mass VI. The new album releases officially on Oct. 20 on Neurot Recordings in the US. Meanwhile, Consouling Sounds will release a different mix, master, and artwork version of the album in Europe.

Check out SPB's interview with Colin H. Van Eeckhout from last year.

AMENRA Tour Dates:
10/08/2017 Mammothfest - Brighton, UK
10/31/2017 Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, BE * release show
11/07/2017 Werk2 - Leipzig, DE
11/08/2017 Scene - Vienna, AU
12/01/2017 De Leest - Izegem, BE (acoustic)

The first new video from Amenra
photo by Stefaan Temmerman

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